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For many Nintendo Switch owners, Bowser’s Fury is one of the most highly anticipated games of the early 2021 period. The game will come alongside Super Mario 3D World as a package of both the remastered Wii U game and a title with brand new content. Although the game looks like it will be fun for Mario fans–and the first five-minutes of Bowser’s Fury gameplay was recently revealed–the breadth of the game may not be quite as deep as some may have hoped.

Nintendo officially describes Bowser’s Fury as a “short but action-packed” standalone adventure. So The Big N is in no way hiding that the game may be on the shorter side. And with it coming alongside Super Mario 3D World, a full-fledged experience, there should be more than enough Mario to go around. But according to an early playthrough of Bowser’s Fury, some may still be surprised that it can be beaten in as little as 3 hours.

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Recently VentureBeat posted what seems to be a preview for Bowser’s Fury. Along with pointing out some surprising features of the Bowser’s Fury and what makes the game rewarding and special, the author mentioned that the experience only takes 3 hours to beat, and about 6 hours to 100%. Interestingly enough, the note about how long it takes to beat the game has since been taken down. GoNintendo was quick enough to notice is before the information was taken away, however.

While Super Mario 3D World is a level based, start to finish game, similar to the 2D Mario titles, Bowser’s Fury is an open free-roaming Mario game, very much like incredibly-received Super Mario Odyssey. But while Super Mario Odyssey may take around 15 hours to beat and over 60 hours to complete 100%, the 3-6 hours for Bowser’s Fury are perhaps more comparable with one of Super Mario Odyssey‘s levels; not the game itself.

With Bowser’s Fury being one single open free-roaming world, filled with Cat Shrines to collect (like Stars or Moons in other Mario titles), it almost sounds like a new world to explore in Super Mario Odyssey, as opposed to a new game entirely. And with it taking 3-6 hours to beat, that time frame matches how long it may take someone to beat New Donk City or Tostarena. That being said, the information is still not confirmed. And the time to beat details were also taken down (perhaps due to Nintendo embargo details). So it could be that Bowser’s Fury is much bigger, which would be a nice bonus. The game is releasing in just a few more weeks, so it won’t be too much longer until fans find out. Perhaps Bowser’s Fury will quickly become one of the better Super Mario titles.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury launches February 12, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: GoNintendo