The Witcher: The 10 Most Powerful Mages, According To Lore

The Witcher series, as a fantasy story, has a multitude of magic users and mages. These mages vary in power and ability, but the most powerful certainly make themselves known when concerning events across the story. As mages tend to live much longer lives than ordinary people, they gain power and experience as they grow older and wiser.

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Power comes in many forms, not all of them talent or natural ability. Mages who find themselves in the courts of royalty play games and machinations to better themselves, all for power and influence. While even a mediocre mage with enough charisma and strategy may do well within the courts of kings, the most powerful and influential are often those with the greatest political clout, intelligence, and magical ability.

10 Stregobor

Stregebor appears in The Last Wish, where he kick starts Geralt’s fame as the Butcher of Blaviken. Stregobor is not a likable figure, and his personal vendetta against the women born under the Black Sun doesn’t help his reputation.

Stregobor, like Tissaia, was a member of the Council and held a position of power over other magic users. His constant clashes with other members of the Council and other magic users, in general, speak little for his personality but does show that he was a magic user of skill and influence.

9 Mousesack

Mousesack is what’s known as a druid, a mage who is closely associated with nature. He was trained by the druids of Skellige as a child. As an adult, he formed part of the contingent from Skellige for Pavetta of Cintra’s engagement. He formed a close relationship with the royal family of Cintra.

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Mousesack’s competence in druid magic and his connections to powerful people across the Continent place him as one of the most powerful mages on the Continent. His use of druid magic, an uncommon form of magic, gives him prominence and relevance across the series.

8 Vilgefortz

Vilgefortz was a powerful member of the Chapter of Sorcerers. Though he was young at under 100 years old, he was an uncommonly gifted and talented sorcerer. He was trained by druids as a child but abandoned them in his early adult years. He later joined the mages, and eventually the Chapter.

Vilgefortz was positioned as an antagonist to Geralt and his allies. Vilgefortz fought and won against powerful foes, such as the higher vampire Regis. He eventually met his end at the hands of Geralt.

7 Fringilla Vigo

Fringilla is a Nilfgaardian sorceress, a position that places her at odds with many other magic-users and sorceresses on the Continent. Nilfgaard is particularly aggressive, as seen in The Witcher 3. That Fringilla plays a role as advisor to Emperor Ehmyr speaks not only of her magical abilities, but her position grants her a great deal of power and influence.

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Fringilla has faced many of her peers in battle and even blinded Yennefer at the Battle of Sodden. Her experience, position within the Nilfgaardian Empire, and magical talent make her one of the most powerful mages on the Continent.

6 Tissaia de Vries

Tissaia de Vries is only mentioned in The Witcher games, but the sorceress plays a large part in the Netflix series. Tissaia was one of the rectors at the ancient institution of Aretuza and was responsible for Yennefer’s training as a sorceress.

Tissaia also served as one of the key members of the Council which predated the Lodge of Sorceresses. When Tissaia committed suicide, her loss was so great to the Council that it fell apart, leaving the Lodge of Sorceresses to rise up and take its place.

5 Triss Merigold

Triss’ story can be a bit confusing as it differs across the books, games, and Netflix series. One of her characteristics that remains consistent is her magic and skills as a sorceress.

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Though Triss is younger than many other sorceresses on the Continent, Triss is a formidable sorceress. She served as the personal advisor to King Foltest of Temeria, and was a member of the Lodge of Sorceresses. She is shown to be resourceful in Novigrad during the witch hunts and saves dozens of magic users from Radovids madness.

4 Philippa Eilhart

Philippa Eilhart stands as one of the most powerful sorceresses on the Continent not only because of her skills in magic but because of her tactical and political savvy. Philippa was the founder of the Lodge of Sorceresses, a testament to her connections, leadership, and magical skill.

Philippa served as the advisor to the king of Redania, but was forced into hiding by King Radovid, who ordered her eyes plucked out while he had her imprisoned. Her blindness did little more to her than give her a vendetta against Radovid, and it was she who ultimately assassinated the mad king.

3 Yennefer Of Vengerberg

Yennefer of Vengerberg is one of the more notorious mages in The Witcher, in part due to her resistance to joining any organization. She prefers working on her own, which makes her success as a sorceress and mage all the more impressive.

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Despite her portrayal in the series, Yennefer’s origins were notoriously humble. Her success is a testament to her strength of will and talent in magic. Yennefer is seen doing great feats of magic throughout the series, including forbidden arts such as necromancy. Her practicality, strength of will, and talent is what makes Yennefer so formidable.

2 Avallac’h

Avallac’h is an elf who has the ability to travel between dimensions. His great age and experience add to his natural magic abilities.

Avallac’h plays a large role in protecting Ciri from The Wild Hunt during the events of The Witcher 3He trains Ciri in controlling her magic, a task which was no small feat. His ability to travel dimensions, his age, and experience, and his natural abilities as an ancient elf make him one of the most formidable mages in the Witcher franchise.

1 Ciri

As the Lady of Space and Time, Ciri is the most powerful magic user in The Witcher series. Ciri is the last inheritor of the Elder Blood, and so is able to use magic in unique and powerful ways which are inherent to her. Her skills include the ability to teleport to other worlds.

Her magic is impressive enough on its own, but Ciri also received tutelage from Yennefer and Triss, two of the most powerful sorceresses on the Continent. Avallac’h also took an interest in training and guiding Ciri. Her natural talent and honed skills make Ciri the most powerful of mages.

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