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As players progress through The Medium, the puzzles Marianne faces become increasingly more complex. While the Red House puzzle may have The Medium players scratching their head for a solution, the puzzle is easier than it may appear.

As players enter the ruins of the red house, one of the first items they will notice scattered around the room are various wedding photos. There is one photo located on the mantle above the fireplace and two additional photos located on the ground in the same room.

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Players will also notice two additional items of significance in the room. The first is a dollhouse that appears to be locked with no apparent method of opening it, the second is a rack of butterflies.

With all the photos collected, the player must now interact with the mirror to be transported to the spirit world to progress. In the spirit world, Marianne will appear in the same living room as the physical world, but with several noticeable differences.

In the spirit world, the player will notice three symbols above the fireplace denoting the order in which the pictures must be placed on the mantle to progress in the physical world. In the same room, players will find a cocoon, that when cut open, reveals a red butterfly that should be added to their inventory.

Return back to the physical world through the mirror, and place the photos on the mantle from left to right with Thomas’ wedding photo first, followed by the circular framed family photo second, and the rectangular family photo third.

When the photos have been placed in the correct order, the dollhouse will be unlocked revealing three rooms and a toy mirror that can be removed and placed in either of the other two rooms. Depending on where Marianne places the toy mirror in the physical world determines where the player will be teleported through the mirror through Marianne’s powers.

Players should return to the first room they had teleported to previously in the spirit world and collect the mask in the fireplace. Once this has been collected, players should place the toy mirror in the top right room and transport themselves through the mirror.

In this room, they will find another cocoon containing a yellow butterfly, a baby mobile that is missing a part, and four slots on the bed frame where butterflies are placed. In the other room, players will find the missing baby mobile fish located on a table, in addition to a blue butterfly located in a cocoon, a second mask underneath the pillow on the bed, and a creepy display of faceless dolls.

Head back to the room with the baby mobile, and place the fish toy on the missing string. Once this has been completed, the player will have access to the final butterfly and can place them on the bed frame. The order they should be placed in from left to right is red, yellow, white, and blue.

Once the butterflies are placed in the correct position, a chest at the end of the bed will unlock, revealing the final mask that players need. With the final mask in the player’s possession, return to the creepy faceless doll display and place the masks on the doll’s faces.

Just as a warning to players, as soon as the final face has been placed on the doll, Marianne will be immediately attacked by a swarm of moths and must quickly teleport out of the room via the mirror. Once players return to the physical world, the mirror will shatter, allowing them to access the basement and finally solve the tragedy of the Niwa hotel.

The Medium launches on January 28 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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