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Bloober Team’s The Medium is easily the studio’s most ambitious project to date, but it seems as though its efforts have paid off. A new report indicates that The Medium sales have already been strong enough to consider the game a success for Bloober Team, as it has evidently sold enough to not only cover its production costs, but also the money the company spent marketing the game as well.

This is according to a report on the Polish site Money. According to the site, not only is The Medium the most ambitious project from Bloober Team to date, but it’s also the company’s “biggest” production. Considering this, the developers have to be pleased that the game was able to break even so quickly. What’s unclear, though, is if Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is being taken into account as well.

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The Medium debuted on Xbox Game Pass, with Microsoft pushing it heavily as one of the first Xbox Series X console exclusive games. While exact figures aren’t available, Microsoft pays developers a fee to have their games featured on Game Pass. It’s unclear exactly how much Microsoft paid for The Medium or if there was some other kind of deal established between the two companies, but regardless, The Medium‘s success is impressive.

The Medium‘s sales success hopefully means that Bloober Team pursues a sequel to the game at some point. After all, The Medium‘s ending does leave the door open for a potential sequel, and it seems safe to say that many would be interested in seeing where the story goes next. However, Bloober Team has yet to announce its next project, so horror game fans will simply have to wait patiently for more information on that front.

Not only has The Medium been a sales success, but the game has also earned mostly positive reviews as well. The Medium reviews have praised the game for being an effective throwback to older horror games from the 90s, while also delivering some impressive next-generation graphics. Perhaps the positive buzz surrounding The Medium played a part in the game becoming such a big sales success in just a matter of days.

As it stands, The Medium is the second-highest rated game from Bloober Team, behind only Observer. What’s interesting is that there is actually a connection between The Medium and Observer, so maybe Bloober Team’s next game will also have connections to its previous work, whatever it may be.

The Medium is out now for PC and Xbox Series X.

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Source: Money