The Medium: How To Unlock The Secret Door In Thomas's Office

As players progress through the Niwa hotel in The Medium they will eventually reach Thomas’ office. Marianne believes Thomas to be a person of interest in the tragedy that unfolded at the hotel Niwa and investigates his office for any clues that may lead to a better understanding of the events that transpired.

If players explore the room, they may notice that if the insight ability is used on the book cabinet in the corner of the room, it reveals a hidden switch. However, if the player attempts to press the switch, it does not activate anything as it is not powered.

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Upon initial inspection of the office, there are only a handful of objects that players can interact with. One of the first items that players should be sure to inspect is the “troubled man note” located on Thomas’ desk. This is one of The Medium‘s several missable collectible types seen throughout the game and can only be obtained in a single playthrough. Additionally, players will also find a flashlight and a key on the desk.

While the flashlight is not particularly useful for solving The Medium‘s puzzles, the item will come in hand during the darker segments later on in the game. The only item that is useful for activating the hidden switch in the bookshelf is the small key found on the desk.

When players pick up the key, Marianne will state that it appears too small to fit a door. To use the key, players must head towards the entrance of the office and interact with the grandfather clock on the wall. If the player uses the key on the clock, it will allow them to manipulate the hands of the clock.

As the player manipulates the hands of the clock in the present, they will find that time moves forward in the spirit world. If the player moves the hands of the clock to 9:30, 8:50, 7:15, and 5:05 they will see various points of recollection appear of Thomas in his office that they can interact with.

If the time on the clock is set to 5:05 players will see a point of recollection where the secret door has been opened. This allows players to use their out of body ability to move the spirit world Marianne through the secret door.

In the secret room, players will notice a generator on the wall that requires power. To power the generator, players must return to the physical world and set the clock to 4:00 which will reveal a point of recollection of Thomas interacting with a spirit well.

Players can now interact with the spirit well in the alternate world and absorb its power and then proceed to use the out of body ability to power the generator. Once the generator is powered, players can return to their body in the physical world and activate the switch on the bookcase.

The Medium launches on January 28 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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