The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal Supports His Sister Coming Out As Trans

The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal has really captured the hearts of fans in more than a few ways. Whether it be his charming off-screen demeanor or his entertaining roles, (such as the delightfully hammy villain in Wonder Woman 1984), people continue to flock to the actor as his popularity keeps surging. Well, here’s one more reason. Pascal’s sister, actress Lux Pascal, recently came out as transgender, and her brother has shown nothing but enthusiastic support.

After Lux, an aspiring actress herself, officially came out as trans in one of the latest issues of Chilean magazine “Ya,” her brother quickly posted the cover to his Instagram with a message of love and support for her. Her announcement was displayed as the magazine’s feature story, giving readers (as well as Pedro’s own followers) a full view of her experience and identity. Pedro’s message on his post was in Spanish, which translated to “My sister, my heart, our Lux.”

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Lux spoke about Pedro Pascal’s unending support in her cover story, happily reminiscing about how close the two of them had always been. “When I officially told him about my transition through Facetime, he asked me how I felt,” she said, “because I remember that he was worried. I told him: ‘I’m happy.’ And his answer was: ‘Perfect, this is incredible.'” Fans of Pedro are likely happy, though not entirely surprised to hear this, particularly considering the actor is already well known as a supporter of diversity and the LGBTQ+ community. Still, hearing something like this from his sister likely inspires even more heartwarming feelings from readers. It’s always helpful to hear these sorts of things explicitly said, like Celeste‘s creator confirming its main character is trans.

Lux’s acting career took her through stage plays and Chilean soap operas for a time before she eventually landed a small role in the crime series Narcos alongside her brother. Currently, she studies acting at New York’s prestigious Julliard School. Aside from that, she continues to find steady work as an actress, particularly in Chilean productions. However, her studies at Julliard may hint that she intends to shoot for more international roles in the future. More chances to act with her brother would certainly be a welcome development. Plus, more openly trans people in Hollywood like the Wachowski sisters could really help with some much-needed diversity.

The bond between the Pascal siblings is certainly something to admire or even envy. Lux’s cover story suggested that her family had “expected” her to come out for some time, which might be part of the reason Pedro Pascal tries to be so supportive and accepting in his everyday life. Plus, it’s certainly a welcome juxtaposition to the recent news that his co-star Gina Carano has been fired from The Mandalorian due to some very problematic posts. Aside from the anti-Semitic incident that inspired fans to rally against her, she had also shown some notably transphobic tendencies in the past.

So, here’s wishing all the best to Lux going forward. Also, for those largely unfamiliar with the transgender community, it’s considered insensitive and offensive to refer to a trans person as the name they used to go by (known as their “deadname”). So, when discussing this story, please only refer to Lux Pascal as Lux Pascal, because, well, that’s her real name.

The Mandalorian is now available on Disney Plus.

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Source: Pedro Pascal/Instagram, CinemaBlend