The King Of Fighters 15 Showcases King In Latest Trailer

The-King-of-Fighters-XV_2021 King

A new entry in The King of Fighters is slated to come out this year, and SNK has been releasing loads of videos highlighting the fighters you’ve come to know and love, and those that you expect and hope to come with any new KOF. From Terry (fresh off his guest appearance in Smash) to Yuri to Yashiro, the roster is looking pretty packed. Now we get another name fans will recognize.

The latest reveal video was for King. The slickly dressed fighter has always been something of a fan favorite and has been in several titles in various roles. She’s known for her deadly and long reaching kicks, and the trailer below shows that has carried over here as she unleashed quite the fury on a variety of opponents.

Despite being announced as coming this year and all of these reveals, we as of now do not know what platforms The King of Fighter 15 will actually land on. We’ll keep you updated for when that news drops.