The Fastest Ways To Earn Nook Miles Tickets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, gamers can get a change of pace from the rather repetitive routine of daily life. With their Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing players get to build the village of their dreams alongside the company of lovable villagers. Moreover, despite the game’s routine-like nature, the title rewards players with various oddities. These rewards include unique interactions, memorable encounters, and even Nook Miles for accomplishing simple tasks.

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However, players can also transform 2,000 Nook Miles into a Nook Miles Ticket (NMTs). They can use this in order to embark on mystery tours to deserted islands. For gamers, these mystery tours remain as part of the core experience. This method easily becomes the best way to farm for villagers and items. Thankfully, players can actually earn NMTs faster than they can imagine.

Updated February 14th, 2021 by Rhenn Taguiam: Thankfully, players can use a variety of means to earn as many Nook Miles as possible — from meticulously planning their island to things such as villager interactions and participating in community events. Interestingly, it seems players can acquire a lot of Nook Miles without much effort provided they maximize their New Horizons experience with the game’s various activities.

16 Sell Whenever Possible

Players who have a wide variety of “extra” items should consider selling them to Nook’s Cranny — and not just to earn a lot of money. Selling items that total a particular amount will actually merit some Nook Miles in exchange.

Granted, this amount total would vary from situation and situation. Players might not even have the patience or the inventory room to store a lot of items just to make a bulk selling. However, this method does incentivize players who want to keep items and consider letting go of those who don’t meet their island’s theme.

15 Always Join Island Events, Contests

Players who want to earn extra NMTs should always be on the lookout for island events. These include things such as Bug Off, Fishing Tourneys, and even K.K. Slider’s weekly concerts. Interestingly, participating (and winning!) in these events can give players Nook Miles they can spend however they wish.

Thankfully, this incentive does encourage players to always hang out with villagers to know about upcoming events. These events also “test” the player’s skills in New Horizons‘s day-to-day tasks, so it’s a great way to flex those fishing muscles.

14 Finally Complete The Island

Players who want to get into the equivalent of New Horizons‘s endgame will also want to complete their island to obtain more Nook Miles. Remember, completing objectives in terms of construction will reward players with Nook Miles. Of course, as with the above tip, this does imply that “challenges” for Nook Miles will start to get trickier every day.

However, players will receive definite perks once they complete the island. Players with complete islands will finally have access to Terraforming and the full slate of island controls. Completing the island can help players pave the way for more ways to acquire Nook Miles, provided they’re willing to put in the effort.

13 Visit A Friend Once A Day

Players of New Horizons with friends from faraway can use the game as a means to reconnect. Thanks to the game’s multiplayer feature, players can visit islands of players they have Dodo Codes for. Inside these islands, players can meet new villagers and interact with their friends with emotes and short messages.

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Just visiting a friend also has its perks — especially in terms of NMTs. In fact, players earn some Nook Miles after their first visit to a friend of any given day. This means a friend group can schedule once-a-day visits with each other to accumulate enough points for NMTs.

12 Create A Novelty Island

Thanks to player creativity, a lot of New Horizons players managed to transfer their creativity into reality. Well, in this case, they can apply their creativity to their islands. In fact, some players get wildly creative that they terraform their island to accommodate specific themes and concepts – sometimes to the astonishment of other players. Sometimes, players who showcase their works online can attract the attention of others who may want to visit a unique island for themselves.

Interestingly, players can cash in on such creativity. Players who create extremely unique islands can invite players to visit and take pictures in exchange of NMTs. These include islands with specific themes such as theme parks and restaurants, or even islands that feature pop culture references such as popular bands and performing groups.

11 Don’t Complete The Island Yet

We did cover the value in actually completing the island earlier, but it’s important to remember that New Horizons will not feature challenges for things players can’t accomplish. For instance, players who don’t have access to a closet won’t have closet-changing challenges.

If the game won’t give players challenges about island sections they haven’t unlocked yet (e.g., the museum for fossils), then “incomplete” islands will provide fewer tasks for Nook Miles Plus challenges to choose from. Theoretically, this factor should mean players will get repeats of easier tasks.

However, players should remember that they can’t bring in a lot of villagers to incomplete islands, so they will have to improve their island eventually.

10 Start Days With The Terminal

Interestingly, even interacting with the Nook Stop Terminal can grant players a daily dose of Nook Miles. On their first day, players get a bonus of 50 Nook Miles. On the seventh consecutive day, players get 300 Nook Miles from the Nook Stop. Moreover, players get 300 Nook Miles on each consecutive day they visit the Nook Stop after the seventh.

Players need to watch out for tasks that randomly get multipliers attached to them. For instance, the first five tasks assigned to them will always have x2 multipliers. Some challenges can get as high as x5! Players should always prioritize accomplishing these high-stakes challenges first to maximize their earnings, and therefore their earned NMTs.

9 Cash In On Villagers

Players know that they can “convince” villagers to visit their island once they see one at their campsite or during a Mystery Island Tour. In essence, players need to chat with their desired villagers twice to convince them to come to their island. However, players can actually make villagers into an NMT farming tool by “recycling” them for others.

For instance, a player who doesn’t want a villager can “trade” it to another player who wants them for NMTs. The player with the undesired villager will need to ask them to leave. When the villager has packed up their things, the “acquiring” player can visit the island, talk to the aforementioned villager, and invite them to their island!

8 Join Interest Groups

While not a direct tip per se, players should consider local groups that play New Horizons to get access to an active community of trading players. Sometimes, these players offer raffle promos or various events that invite others in exchange for prizes. Moreover, some “event organizers” usually require NMTs to have other players participate in the stuff they create. Sometimes, they also ask for fees in the form of Bells or other items. In essence, these events become a great way for people to socialize with each other.

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Moreover, interest groups become an easy way to sell items, recipes, and advertise villagers that others might be interested in. That way, players can have a much easier time earning NMTs through trading in the real world.

7 Rare NPCs Make Money

Players who tend to their island daily would be quite familiar with the delightful cast of NPCs they can interact with. For instance, Isabelle and Tom Nook help players manage their island, while Blathers handles the museum. Moreover, K.K. Slider regularly visits the island on Saturdays. Interestingly, players can also meet special NPCs on a case-by-case basis – such as Celeste and Saharah, both of which sell rare items and recipes.

Thanks to the multiplayer feature, players can help others interact with Celeste and Saharah just by bringing them to their island. However, more industrious players would want to consider charging NMTs whenever they take others to their island during Celeste and Saharah’s visits.


5 Capitalize On The Catalog

Fans love Animal Crossing for the sense of individuality it can bring to its players – especially when it comes to interior design. Interestingly, New Horizons levels up this unique trait by ensuring some islands only get natural access to certain furniture colors. Theoretically, a player who doesn’t visit other islands won’t get certain furniture in other colors.

Thankfully, the Happy Home Association’s HHA Score and Catalog feature encourage players to explore more islands to check out new variations of their favorite furniture. Aside from raising the HHA Score, Cataloging items allows players to have access to that particular color when ordering items in the long run. Moreover, they can charge NMTs for island visits if they know they have items other players would want to catalog as well.


3 Check Rarity Of Items, Recipes

Thanks to various day-to-day activities, players might suddenly stumble upon furniture or even DIY recipes they might consider “useless” but is actually rare for others. After all, it seems there’s always a player out there willing to give NMTs just to get a particular furniture set they want.

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Players who want to throw away an item should consider if others would want that item instead. It’s highly possible that rare items can cost a ton of NMTs. These include items such as Cherry Blossom items, Arcade Machines, or even the Grand Piano.

2 Hack The Island

Players can easily get discouraged to save up for NMTs when they realize just how big and confusing their island layout can get. Surely, it can get exhausting rummaging through all those trees, flowers, and fishes, right? However, players can actually optimize the way they’re approaching their cards. Surprisingly, they can do this not by creating a better schedule but by making the island work in their favor.

Strategy fans would likely understand what this advice implies. Players with terraforming unlocked can try to optimize the overall structure of their island. For instance, players should consider the space beside the beach for a flower garden, a forest, and a stretch of land dedicated to planting. That way, players can accomplish most routine tasks much easier (e.g., fishing, planting, flowering, and picking up items) without much moving around.

1 Get In The Exchange

Beginners in New Horizons would likely have encountered a turnip every once in a while. These vegetables sell at a particular price (in Bells) at the Stalk Market every Sunday. However, this “ordinary” element transformed into a global phenomenon when players realized that certain villages sell turnips at a higher or lower price in the Stalk Market. In turn, players who realize that they can sell turnips for an incredibly high amount should capitalize on their island’s potential for the day.

Thanks to the website Turnip Exchange, players can tune in on islands with the best turnip prices at the Stalk Market. Likewise, players can join the Turnip Exchange and allow visits to their island for turnip selling in exchange for NMTs.

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