The Elder Scrolls: 10 Different Kinds Of Khajiit You Need To Know About

The Khajiit of Elsweyr are a very unique type of beast-folk in Tamriel. Unlike the other races, the Khajiit’s look can range from looking like a normal house cat to a humanoid to a large quadruped feline that stands taller than a High Elf. Their looks aren’t determined by genetics like most of the other races. The Two Moons, known as Masser and Secunda, are the ones that determine what a Khajiit could look like.

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There is said to be 17 different kinds of Khajiit to exist, but only a few have been seen in game. With so many different kinds, it can be a little tough to keep up with them all. Here’s a list of ten types of Khajiit that call Elsweyr home.

10 Pahmar-Raht

A giant bipedal Khajiit that averagely stands taller than even the tallest High Elf. Considered the strongest, they are usually employed as bodyguards and warriors. They are usually tiger-like in appearance and are said to be similar to the Ka Po’ Tun of Akavir. Because their physical strength is so great, very few Pahmar-raht will use magic in combat. Pahmar-raht are born when Masser is full and Secunda is waning.

9 Alfiq

A magically-gifted form of Khajiit that is very powerful. The Alfiq look very similar to housecats that can be found throughout Tamriel. They are very intelligent and capable of speech, though most races don’t know this. They don’t usually travel outside of Elsweyr because outsiders tend to treat them as pets. Despite this, some Alfiq will actually pose as housecats and serve as information gatherers and spies.

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They do wear clothing, but can’t put it on themselves without help from others or they use their magic. The Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath, is known to pose as an Alfiq known as the Mad Cat and cause chaos for any unfortunate souls near him. Alfiq are born when Masser is waning and Secunda is full.

8 Senche-Raht

Nicknamed “battlecats.” The Senche-raht are one of the largest Khajiits. Though slower than a Senche, they are bigger and stronger. They are usually mistaken for beasts and rarely travel outside of Elsweyr because of this. They are very intelligent, can speak, and use magic like other Khajiit. Sometimes they will work as mounts or beasts of burden, but dislike being lowered to a beast-like status. Senche-raht are born when Masser is full and Secunda is waxing.

7 Dagi

A less common version of Khajiit. Dagi usually live in the southern marshes and jungles of Elsweyr. They are short in stature and are considered one of the smallest forms of Khajiit and resemble lynxes. Because of they’re lightweight compared to most Khajiit, they can live in high places that can’t even hold a Bosmer’s weight. Since Bosmer are the smallest and lightest race compared to the other Mer and human races, this shows that the Dagi are very lightweight.

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Because of their inclination to climb trees, a lot of races compare them to monkeys and the Dagi find this insulting. Though there’s no reliable proof, the Dagi are suspected to be skilled in using magic. Dagi are born when Masser is waning and Secunda is new.

6 Cathay-Raht

Nicknamed “the jaguar-men.” The Cathay-raht are similar to their Cathay cousins, but larger and stronger. Despite the jaguar description, the Cathay-raht can have many different colors and patterns. Very fast and agile, they can jump great distances with ease. Some have been described as having the same size and speed as a werewolf. Cathay-raht are born when Masser and Secunda are waxing.

5 Ohmes

Considered “man-like” or “man-faced.” The Ohmes look very similar to the Bosmer though sometimes shorter. To let outsiders know that they are Khajiit, the Ohmes usually paint their faces with feline-like patterns. Unlike their Ohmes-raht cousins, the Ohmes have no fur, no tail, and no distinguishable Khajiit features. They used to be a common sight until the fourth century of the 3rd Era, but have since become a rare form of Khajiit. Ohmes are born when Masser is new and Secunda is full.

4 Suthay-Raht

One of the most common form of Khajiit. Suthay-raht are bipedal and similar in build and height to the races of man. Their bodies are completely covered in fur of different colors and patterns and have digitigrade legs. They have claws on their hands and feets and their heads look cat-like. They are known to be excellent jumpers as well as agile and sneaky. While they are good warriors, they aren’t as good as Cathay-raht. Suthay-raht are born when Masser is new and Secunda is waning.

3 Ohmes-Raht

Unlike their Ohmes cousins, the Ohmes-raht have some distinguishable Khajiit traits. Their bodies are covered in light fur and have tails. Like the Ohmes, they paint their faces in feline-like patterns to show their Khajiit heritage. They are also taller and more beast-like. They were a common seen Khajiit outside of Elsweyr during the 5th century of the 3rd Era, but are less common in present-day Tamriel. Ohmes-raht are born when Masser is new and Secunda is waxing.

2 Cathay

The most common form of Khajiit. Cathay are larger and stronger than Suthay and the Suthay-raht. One of the big differences between them the Suthay and Suthay-raht is that the Cathay have plantigrade legs. They are more warrior-like than the Suthay and are just as stealthy and agile. Though not as talented as the Alfiq in magic naturally, they are capable mages. Cathay are born when Masser is waxing and Secunda is full.

1 Mane

The most unique kind of Khajiit. The Mane is the spiritual leader of the Khajiit and only one Mane can be born at a time. It is believed that there is only Mane who reborn again and again in different bodies. There’s been no recorded incident of more than one Mane contending for power, but it is unknown if this is Khajiit belief or if the existing Mane takes care of potential rivals.

In The Elder Scrolls Online, twin Khajiit sisters, Shazah and Khali, were born during the alignment of the moons and had to compete with each other to become the new Mane. A Mane is born is when Masser and Secunda are aligned and become the Dark Moon or Dark Eclipse.

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