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The popular Netflix series The Dragon Prince is getting a board game interpretation. The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged is not yet available for pre-order, though they are to open soon.

The tabletop game is being produced by Brotherwise Games and offers fans of the series the chance to control the series’ characters in battle with a card-based system. The game is shown as coming alongside a full complement of cards and tiles to play the game with, as well as 8 unpainted miniatures of the series’ characters to use in battle- as well as a painting opportunity for artistic fans of The Dragon Prince.

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The game’s trailer shows team-based skirmishes, with familiar characters and trademark abilities from the show taking center stage.  With eight confirmed characters at launch, the game is offering a wide variety of strategy, with Brotherwise Games making mention of some of the character’s synergistic abilities.

This comes alongside the recent announcement of a The Dragon Prince tabletop RPG system, giving fans of the animated fantasy tale plenty to look forward to, whether they’re trying to tell their own stories in the world of Xeria in the TTRPG, or playing out on-screen battles in The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged. Fantasy series on Netflix have been experiencing a boom, likely on the coattails of The Witcher‘s success.

The Netflix series has been met with a hearty amount of positive feedback, with The Dragon Prince confirmed to receive another four seasons. The fantasy series first came to viewers in 2018 and has since had three seasons, and with more to come, it’s likely this batch of The Dragon Prince tie-ins won’t be the last.

The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged is slated for a Fall release with pre-orders opening soon.

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Source: Brotherwise Games