With Sephiroth’s recent release as the new DLC warrior for Super Smash Bros. Fans wonder who will be the next character in the Fighters Move. Fans have argued for a while now that Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia deserves a spot on the roster, and his inclusion appears to be a solid argument. Lloyd seems likely to appear as an upcoming Super Smash Bros. along with an easily implementable move package and under-representation of Bandai Namco Entertainment characters. DLC’s ultimate fighter.

Over the past few years, there has also been quite a bit of talk about the addition of Lloyd to Super Smash Bros. Roster Ultimate. While these hints remain as speculation, they make a compelling argument for the inclusion of Lloyd in the game. One of the developers behind Super Smash Bros. is Bandai Namco Entertainment. UltimateĀ alongside Masahiro Sakurai’sĀ Sora Ltd, and the representation for Bandai Namco has been minimal so far, only having Pac-Man as a playable character.

Players should take these stories with a grain of salt, as with all fan theories. However, one of the most beloved JRPG franchises is the Tales series, and Lloyd will certainly make a perfect addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Lloyd makes a strong case for being an upcoming Super Smash Bros. with simple portability and huge success. DLC’s ultimate fighter.