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Item rarity is a mechanic in Minecraft that colors items with different hues when they are in the hotbar, which represents how useful or powerful they are, as well as how easy they are to obtain. Common items are white, while Uncommon ones are yellow. Rare items have a cyan coloration while the most elusive Epic items have a purple hue.

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Those seeking to mine every kind of block and craft everything possible should be sure to keep an eye out for a few select items that will grant the player insane potential or lead to a recipe that will.

10 Totem Of Undying

These immensely helpful little effigies are Uncommon items that can be dropped by foes. If the player is holding one in their hands and takes fatal damage, the Totem of Undying will restore the player’s hearts with vast amounts of healing and defensive buffs.

However, the only mob that drops them is the Evoker. These spell-casting adversaries can be found in Woodland Mansions of the Dark Forest and Dark Forest Hills biomes.

9 Conduit

This Rare underwater implement grants plenty of boons when deployed in water deep enough to completely submerge a player (3×3 blocks of water). It grants those within a wide range of the deployment site the abilities to breathe underwater, mine faster while submerged, and vision that can pierce the dark waves. It can also hurt enemies within the same range for two hearts of damage every two seconds.

These incredible abilities will be difficult to acquire, however, as the two ingredients required to craft it are also quite tough to get a hold of. First, the player will need eight Nautilus Shells, which are items that can be found while fishing, though not very often. After that, they’ll need a Heart of the Sea, which is a treasure that can only be found by following a treasure map gained from an Ocean Ruin or a Shipwreck.

8 End Crystal

These sinister crystals are most infamous for residing in The End atop many obsidian pillars for the purpose of healing and respawning the Ender Dragon. They shoot the mighty draconic fiend with a beam that grants the Regeneration effect in huge quantities. They also cause explosions around themselves when struck or destroyed by most conventional means.

If the player desires, they can craft these strange and usually harmful Rare items. To craft an End Crystal, one will need seven blocks of glass, a Ghast tear, and an Eye of Ender.

7 Beacon

Beacons are one of the brightest blocks in the game. They are a Rare item that emits a beam of light pointing to the sky. They can be useful in helping one find their way back home or as impressive decorations. To get their cubic hands on them, players will need to craft these luminant ornaments from some tough to find ingredients.

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The five blocks of glass needed are easy enough to craft, however, the three blocks of obsidian will take some exploration or lava harvesting to obtain. The most challenging component to acquire will be the Nether Star, which is only dropped by the fearsome mob boss known as the Wither.

6 Enchanted Weapons & Armor

Normally, players must enchant items and weapons using an Enchanted Book, an item created by putting a regular Book into an Enchanting table and infusing it with an effect. This Enchanted Book must then be placed onto an Anvil alongside the desired weapon or piece of armor to bestow the desired attributes.

However, weapons and bits of armor that are already enchanted can spawn on mobs such as zombies. This is fairly rare and the enchantments upon the gear will always be random.

5 Golden Apple

This lustrous orb is a Rare item as well as a type of food that, upon being eaten, grants the player the Absorption I effect that provides two bonus golden hearts that act as armor, though only for two minutes. It also gives the eater the Regeneration II effect that heals half of a heart every 0.4 seconds over the course of five seconds.

It is possible to craft a Golden Apple, though it will require a fair bit of Gold Ingots. Eight to be exact, all arranged around an Apple on a Crafting Table.

4 Music Disc

There are 13 unique music discs that exist in Minecraft. Each has its own tune and different colored appearance. Their tracks range from ominous ambient sounds to cheerful melodies and even jazz numbers. They can only be played after being placed into a Jukebox.

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Each of these songs can be found in chests from dungeons, Woodland Mansions, Bastion Remnants, as well as in buried treasure. These are at the top of the list for all true Minecraft collectors.

3 Banner Pattern

Banner Patterns are Epic items that only serve a cosmetic purpose in creating different images upon a chosen Banner when placed alongside one in a Loom. There are six in the Java version of the game but seven in the Bedrock Edition.

Each pattern can be crafted by combining paper with a specified item on a Crafting Table. Some of the patterns require a simple non-paper component like an Oxeye Daisy, though others can be tricky to come across, like a Wither Skeleton Skull.

2 Dragon Egg

This egg should be familiar to all players, as it is the trophy that all seek in their first playthrough. It only spawns once in The End and the player must defeat the Ender Dragon before the portal back to Minecraftia opens and the Dragon Egg becomes available near to it.

However, it cannot be mined by normal means, as it will teleport if someone tries to hit it with a pickaxe. To harvest it properly, players need to push it off its pedestal with a Piston, which will cause it to drop as an item as opposed to being a solid block.

1 Enchanted Golden Apple

These upgrades to Golden Apples function much the same, just with better effects. Enchanted Golden Apples grant the effect Absorption IV, which bestows a whopping eight hearts of golden armor for two full minutes. It also grants Regeneration II or V, depending on whether one is playing the Java version or Bedrock Edition respectively. In addition, it gives Resistance I and Fire Resistance I for five minutes.

Such wondrous yellow spheres cannot be crafted, unfortunately, and since they are an Epic-tier item, players will have a hard time coming across them. They can be found in chests from dungeons, mineshafts, Bastion Remnants, Desert Temples, Ruined Portals, and Woodland Mansions, however, in each location, they have between a 1% and 7% chance of spawning.

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