The 10 Rarest Enemies In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If there was one aspect of Breath of the Wild that many long time Zelda fans found hard to grapple with, it was the lack of enemy diversity in the latest title. While there were many variations on common enemy types, these were usually simple palette swaps that amounted to the Bokoblin or Moblin dealing more damage and having a larger health bar rather than being a different monster.

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That being said, Breath of the Wild does have quite a few enemies in its roster, though many players won’t notice this due to how hard some of these enemies are to find in Hyrule. Whether they are mini-bosses or simply limited to one place in particular, not all enemies in Breath of the Wild are Bokoblins, Moblins, or Octoroks.

10 Yiga Footsoldier

The Yiga clan is a thorn in Link’s side for the majority of Breath of the Wild, but they become an even bigger nuisance when he has to delve into their hideout for find the stolen Thunder Helm. While the Yiga clansman inside this hideout can’t be battled, the ones that Link can encounter in the wild, usually disguised as creepy looking Travelers, can be. These enemies don’t appear all that often at first, but once Master Kohga has been defeated, and the Yiga start holding a much larger grudge against the hero, they start to show up with increased frequency.

9 Yiga Bladesman

Of the Yiga enemies that want to take Link down, the Yiga Bladesman are the rarest of the bunch, and for good reason. These masters of the blade are extremely deadly with their Windcleavers, capable of taking Link out in only a couple of hits if he isn’t wearing good enough armor. Just as when Link wields a Windcleaver, they can also hit Link from a distance, making it almost mandatory to learn how to dodge out of the way and perform a Flurry Rush as often as possible.

8 Stalnox

The standard blue and red Hinox are fairly common considering they are mini-bosses, but the undead variety, the Stalnox, aren’t as easy to come across. While one lurks within Hyrule Castle and is protecting the all-powerful Hylian Shield, there aren’t that many in Hyrule’s overworld that give Link a chance to practice against them.

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Stalnox are also fairly well hidden in most of their locations. Coupled with the fact that they only become aggressive once the sun goes down, this makes them very easy to accidentally avoid and simply run past without realizing they are there at all.

7 Igneo Talus

Regular and rare Stone Taluses are fairly common all across Hyrule, as Link will more often than not accidentally wake one up by standing on its back. The Igneo Talus, on the other hand, is a rare variety that is limited to the Eldin region and only appears around Death Mountain. This burning hot Talus can’t simply be climbed upon like its Stone variant, and it also requires the use of Ice weapons or arrows in order to defeat. However, the real challenge is finding one in the first place.

6 Frost Talus

Like the Igneo Talus, the Frost Talus are quite hard to find as they tend to blend in with their environment rather well. Found in the frozen areas of the map, particularly in the Tabantha region, these Taluses have the opposite effect to the Igneo Talus and require using any kind of Fire damage to get the upper hand. They will freeze Link solid if he tries to climb on them, otherwise. More often than not, players won’t realize that there is a Frost Talus right in front of them until it has already woken up and begun battle.

5 Meteo Wizzrobe

There are several Wizzrobe in Breath of the Wild that aren’t so hard to find, but the Meteo Wizzrobe is a different story. Rather than wielding a simple Fire Rod, these variations use the much more powerful Meteor Rod, though that isn’t the only trick up their sleeve. They can also summon monsters to fight by their side and even change the weather to their advantage. While they can be killed in one blow with any Ice weapon or arrow, they will put up quite a fight before they go down.

4 Thunder Wizzrobe

Like the Meteo Wizzrobe, the Thunder Wizzrobe is a stronger variation of the Electric Wizzrobe that uses a Thunderstorm Rod rather than a Lightning Rod. It has many of the same offensive boosts that the Meteo Wizzrobe has over its weaker counterpart.

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Not only is the Thunder Wizzrobe hard to find, but its ability to change the weather can also be a lot more problematic than a Meteo Wizzrobe. They create thunderstorms in the blink of an eye that can quickly turn the tide of battle in their favor.

3 Blizzrobe

The final Wizzrobe variant is yet another variation of the original, this time being a stronger version of the Ice Wizzrobe that wields a Blizzard Rod rather than an Ice Rod. Commonly found in the Hebra Mountains, these Wizzrobe are not only rare, but they have a tendency to blend into the background so well that players won’t notice they are even there until it’s too late to avoid a confrontation. Like the weaker counterparts and the Frost Talus, they can be easily taken down with any Fire weapon, though their ability to summon a snowstorm can make that difficult if the battle stretches out for too long.

2 Silver Lynel

Of all the Lynels in Breath of the Wild, none are as rare in a standard playthrough as the Silver variations. Found only in a handful of places in the game, these enemies represent the greatest threat that Link can face while not being a main boss battle. Wielding both ranged and powerful melee weapons, it is very easy for Link to perish in battle if the player isn’t prepared for a long and drawn-out fight. While they do appear more frequently as the game progresses and Link gains more of the Champion’s powers, they start out being one of the harder enemies to find.

1 Molduga

Easily, the enemy that players are likely to see the least of is Molduga, the burrowing serpentine monster that lurks in the Gerudo Valley. While many other monsters can be found all around Hyrule, Molduga can only be battled in Gerudo Valley and don’t appear anywhere else on the map. Coupled with the fact that there are only four Molduga in the valley at any one time, not including the quest-specific battle against Molduking, this makes them the rarest enemies in Breath of the Wild.

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