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There are few fighting game franchises with the longevity and consistent popularity of Tekken. The series has sold over 50 million copies and even has a movie in the works! Needless to say, there isn’t a fan of the fighting game genre that doesn’t know about Tekken.

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Design teams always try to balance all the characters in their roster but sometimes they still come up short and make overpowered characters. Tekken is no exception to this rule. Throughout the years Tekken has had a lot of broken characters from being overpowered to just being janky or unfair in serious ways.

10 Leroy – Tekken 7

Leroy was one of the most anticipated characters to ever be released in the Tekken series. Players were excited as his character design didn’t just make him look strong, it made him look like the coolest character the franchise had seen in years. Unfortunately, players got more than they bargained for.

When he was initially released, it was absolutely busted. He was incredibly versatile, had a low execution barrier, and basically had some of the best moves every other character had but in one kit together. He essentially ruined Tekken 7 tournaments during the first months of the game until he was fixed with a nerf.

9 Ogre – Tekken 3

Hold onto that hat Shrek Super Slam because this ogre is one of the most broken characters in the Tekken series. Boss characters tend to be a bit overpowered at times but it can’t be understated just how busted Ogre was in Tekken 3. His unbreakable grab, Waning Moon, had mind-blowingly fast frame data and could easily combo into a half bar of damage. Oh, and did we mention he had an unblockable one-hit K.O. move?

8 Dr. Boskonovitch & Gon – Tekken 3

There are a lot of wacky characters in fighting games but few take the cake quite like Dr. Boskonovitch and Gon. No one expected Gon as a guest character and unlocking the good doctor was so difficult many players never realized he was even in the game.

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Both of these characters are considered to be in the “Trash Tier” so why are they considered broken? The two characters are similar to Yoda in Soul Calibur IV. They both could stand at heights that made some moves completely miss and severely limited which moves players could use to deal damage. These two proved that characters don’t always have to be overpowered to be broken.

7 Bob – Tekken 6

Many fighting games design characters that are meant to be easy for starting players to pick up. This was the case for Bob in Tekken 6 but unfortunately, the devs went a little too far with just how strong this character was. Bob wasn’t just incredibly T H I C C — he has easy combos, dealt incredible damage, and had ridiculous tools to pressure opponents. He topped the tier lists for Tekken 6 for a reason and is one of the defining characters of that game’s meta.

6 Kazuya – Tekken 2

Sidestepping in 3D fighting games is a pretty normal mechanic these days but that wasn’t always the case. Back in Tekken 2, Kazuya was the only character that could use “Mist Step” which gave him an incredibly unfair movement option. Combine this with the massive amounts of damage and he was an unstoppable powerhouse in the right hands.

5 Jin – Tekken 4

Just Frame Laser Scraper. Those four words will send anyone that competed in Tekken 4 into an hour-long rant. This move allowed Jin to land unblockable combos and was incredibly easy to pull off. Most tournaments for the game featured Jin dittos in the grand finals where both players were just trying to see who could hit JFLS the fastest and the most times. It hurt Tekken 4 as a competitive title immensely and made many players hate Jin forever.

4 Akuma – Tekken 7

Akuma is no stranger to being overpowered. In fact, he was the first fighting game character to ever be banned from tournaments. It might come as no surprise that when he was introduced into the world of Tekken in its seventh installment that he brought his overpowered nature with him.

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What made Akuma overpowered was that he didn’t play by all the rules of the game. He still had many of his mechanics from Street Fighter which gave him unfair advantages over opponents. Even after several nerfs he still tops tier lists for the game.

3 Fakhumram – Tekken 7

Fakhumram enjoyed five months of unfettered competitive dominance in Tekken 7 when he was released as DLC for the game. With his weird body shape, players reported that many moves that should absolutely hit would simply pass through his arms or legs so the developers had to fix his hurt boxes. Even with the nerfs some players say he’s still a bit too powerful.

2 Steve – Tekken 5

Steve is probably the strongest boxers in all of gaming thanks to his appearance in Tekken 5 – sorry Little Mac! His sidestep with his natural sway as a character made him slippery and difficult to hit but that wasn’t the only thing that made him powerful. Once he dodged players, it took almost no effort to begin his mind-numbingly easy zero-death combo. Seriously, if players missed an attack, all it took was a single sidestep and they were dead, period.

1 King – Tekken 1

King isn’t just an amazing Lucha wrestler that fights in tournaments to get money for orphans — he’s also absolutely broken in Tekken 1. How many fighting games have moves where it’s better to be hit by them than block? King had a move just like this that put players that blocked it into stun for so long that they could manage any combo they wanted.

Spamming this move with King was enough to win the game but that wasn’t enough. He could easily defeat players with two combos due to his high damage output. Not to mention just how much health throws did in the original game. King was an absolute powerhouse and the ultimate character in the series’s premiere.

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