The 10 Longest PS Vita Games, According To HowLongToBeat

While the PlayStation Vita was discontinued in 2019, fans of the console were recently surprised to see an update to its new releases page. It’s gotten those who love portable gaming looking at the system once more and remembering many of the best releases on it.

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While playing portable or not, all gamers want to get the most bang for their buck when purchasing games. Games with loads of content are able to be enjoyed much longer and the PS Vita had plenty of games that can hold players’ attention.

10 Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal – 58 ½ Hours

Those who played Dungeon Travelers 2 in Japan had a vastly different experience than those who played it elsewhere. This dungeon crawler had mind-boggling amounts of fanservice (bordering on sex scenes) that were massively censored for international releases. Most reviewers said the game’s story wasn’t that interesting but was still worth playing for the strong dialogue and excellent game mechanics.

9 Danganronpa 1 & 2 Reload – 58 ½ Hours

It’s hard to make two for the price of one look better than Danganronpa 1 & 2 Reload. The franchise has spawned some of the best visual novels in the last decade and a chance to play the games where it all started is too good of an opportunity to pass up. The game might be a bit faster for any speed readers out there but it will be no less entertaining.

8 Little Busters! – 60 Hours

Little Busters! was so popular as a visual novel that it eventually spawned a full anime series. Created by the same people behind other famous VNs like KanonAir, and Clannad, Bishōjo Game Ranking, it was ranked incredibly highly by fans in the Bishōjo Game Rankings in 2007 and 2008.

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As the game has seven branching storylines for players to explore, it’s no wonder it can take a little while to fully complete. The game is just as fun to play on its PS Vita port as it is on any other console and is worth tracking down for anyone that loves visual novels.

7 The Legends Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel – 60 ½ Hours

Recently announced to be getting a port on the Nintendo SwitchThe Legends Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel is a part of the long-running Legends of Heroes Franchise as part of its Trails line. Exploring through the Thors Military Academy with Rean and company is an enjoyable experience. As the game is an RPG, expect long strategic battles and lots of dialogue text to read through.

6 Chaos Rings III – 63 Hours

Despite its confusing title, Chaos Rings III is actually the fourth title in the series. This is a classic JRPG experience that any fans of Square Enix will deeply enjoy. Seeing how and why each of the major characters in the game wants to make the pilgrimage to the “Marble Blue” is remarkably rewarding and is sure to leave players glued to their screens the entire time.

5 Rainbow Moon – 67 Hours

Tactical RPGs are known for just how long and challenging they can be. Combining this with the additional dungeon crawler mechanics found in Rainbow Moon means players should be ready for a game that lasts through the long haul. While the game was originally only distributed digitally, a limited run of physical copies was released that collectors now covet.

4 Persona 4 Golden – 68 ½ Hours

While so many fans are focused on the Phantom Thieves these days, it’s impossible to deny that Persona 4 was an exemplary example of what Atlus has to offer as a game studio. Give it an enhanced port on the PS Vita and it was sure to sell like hotcakes.

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All the games in the series are known for their long play times and Persona 4 Golden is no exception. Players can expect to get a lot out of it, especially if they crank the difficulty up a notch.

3 SD Gundam G Generation Genesis – 108 Hours

It’s no surprise a franchise as long-running as Gundam would produce a game of similar length. Its chibi designs for the over six hundred fifty robots in the game gave it a uniquely cute flair. It was the first game in the series to come with an English language option even in its Japanese release which made it even easier for players to get into early. This is good because this game is absolutely packed with content.

2 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – 115 Hours

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite brought the complex battles of the Monster Hunter series to the PS Vita in a major way. It added even more content onto the previously released Monster Hunter Freedom 2 which could explain why it takes so long to beat the game. It sold over a million copies in its first week which just goes to show it’s not only one of the longest PS Vita games, but one of the best.

1 Destiny Of Spirits – 248 Hours

It’s honestly a shame that the servers of Destiny of Spirits are no longer running as there is really no other game quite like it. The game was free-to-play, online, and a social strategy game all in one with role-playing elements to boot. It used players’ real-life locations to decide which spirits were available for use and most were based on local legends of their region. It’s a truly special game that we hope will be brought back someday.

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