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The fact that Warhorse Studios decided upon an extremely ambitious and realistic open-world medieval RPG as their first game is something that definitely needs to be commended. In this context, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is easily one of the greatest achievements of any gaming studio, with the game being a highly enjoyable — if somewhat buggy — romp from start to end.

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That being said, there’s no denying the fact that Kingdom Come is definitely not a perfect experience by any stretch of the imagination… but fans who want to mitigate the annoyances from this title can end up integrating a whole host of mods that can optimize and improve the overall experience of this title in many ways. Keeping this in mind, here are ten of the best Kingdom Come mods that fans can integrate in their title to enjoy the best experience possible.

10 Instant Herb Picking

Picking herbs in Kingdom Come might be a fun task at the beginning, but one can’t deny that watching Henry bend down to pick up these herbs over and over again can get highly annoying after a point.

Thankfully, with the Instant Herb Picking mod, players can rid of an annoyance that can get highly overbearing after a point, allowing them to pick their herbs in peace.

9 Bushes — Collision Remover

Another irksome thing about Kingdom Come is the fact that Henry can traverse the landscape and jump substantial gaps and heights with the greatest of ease… but is stopped in his tracks pretty much immediately by the mighty bush.

With this mod, these collision boxes can be removed, allowing Henry to go through these bushes with ease. Perhaps the player can imagine that Henry has suffered some minor scrapes after going through these bushes if immersion is a concern.

8 Stay Clean Longer — Get Dirty Gradually

Medieval times might’ve not been the highest point in history when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene, but one has to admit that the speed at which Henry gets dirty while traversing the overworld is still quite ridiculous regardless.

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Thankfully, with this mod, this annoying mechanic is taken care of quite easily. Now, Henry can traverse the land for an extended period of time before having to visit a bathhouse, which adds to the realism of the game as well.

7 Lockpicking Overhaul

Lockpicking in Kingdom Come is impossible without a mouse and keyboard, which can be irksome for players who are used to playing this game with a controller. Switching to a mouse and keyboard for just one part of the game can be rather irritating, as a result.

With the Lockpicking Overhaul mod, players can now automatically open lower-level locks without having to struggle with this tiresome minigame over and over again. Higher-level locks are the only thing that triggers this minigame now, which is a boon for players who don’t want to suffer through the arduous task of switching to the mouse and keyboard for locks over and over again.

6 Unlimited Weight

The idea of the protagonist being unable to carry items beyond a certain weight is highly annoying and serves no purpose aside from stopping a player’s exploration in their tracks and making them second guess the act of looting enemies and finding treasure, among other such annoyances.

The Unlimited Weight mod is pretty self-explanatory in this regard, allowing Henry to carry as many items as he wants without forcing any arbitrary state of over-encumberment upon him.

5 Translucent Helmet Vision


While it might be somewhat realistic to have Henry’s vision be blocked every single time he wears a helmet in combat, there’s no denying the fact that this helmet vision can get really annoying really quick in battle due to the limited field of vision that the player is restricted by.

There might be a mod to remove this helmet vision completely, but players who don’t want to compromise on this sense of realism can choose to opt for the Translucent Helmet Vision instead, which ends up being the perfect way to enjoy the combat of the game without sacrificing the realistic side of things as well.

4 A Sorted Inventory

Inventory management in Kingdom Come can prove to be a massive pain due to the haphazard nature of the nomenclature of most items coupled with a lack of options when it comes to filtering these items as well.

Thankfully, with this mod, the problem of inventory management becomes a thing of the past. All items are renamed so they can be grouped together without any major issues, allowing for a streamlined experience when it comes to managing Henry’s inventory.

3 Texture Streaming Improvements

The biggest problem that most people would definitely face in Kingdom Come is the egregious texture pop-in of the game — something that is yet to be properly patched.

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Thankfully, fans have taken up the responsibility of tweaking the code of the game so that this problem of texture streaming can be mitigated somewhat, allowing players to enjoy the game without fixating on this frequently-occurring issue.

After all, not everyone can afford an SSD that can take care of this problem.

2 Bow Dot Reticle

The idea of figuring out the rough arc of Henry’s arrow due to the lack of an aiming reticle might be a novel concept, but players who end up using ranged combat a ton will soon realize that realism definitely does not equate to fun in this instance.

So, for players who just want to enjoy a video game as opposed to immersing themselves in a cutthroat Medieval world, bringing back the aiming reticle while using the bow through this mod will definitely be a saving grace for them.

1 Unlimited Saving

However, the boldest thing that Kingdom Come: Deliverance attempts to do in order to make players think twice about their actions is limiting their total saves, making for a rather nerve-wracking experience as the player explores the countryside and tries not to die and lose valuable progress.

This might’ve been a bold choice from Warhorse Studios, but the frustrations that stem from losing progress can easily make any player give up on an otherwise fascinating title. So, people who don’t want to face this issue over and over again can integrate the Unlimited Saving mod, allowing them to play the game like they want to without any compromises.

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