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In the visual world of Terraria, appearance is everything. Players obsess over the looks of their environment, their houses, and their character. Cosmetic or Vanity items are a great way for players to obtain a unique and interesting look for their character while still wearing valuable armor and gear.

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There are dozens of cosmetic items that appear in the game ranging from simple hats to entire costumes. From Halloween events to updates the developers have introduced a variety of unique and iconic looks for players to use. In no particular order here are some of the best that the game has to offer.

10 Timeless Traveler

The Timeless Traveler set was introduced during the Journey’s End Vanity Contest. Designed by DisRicardo it looks like a plague doctor sporting antlers, mana orbs, and a gray robe. It sort of resembles the Leshy from The Witcher 3 if it was wearing a robe.

These items can only be obtained in a Corruption biome that’s either naturally occurring or artificial biome. The pieces required large amounts of Silk, Rotten Chunk, Black Dye, and Bone to craft at a Loom. The items’ descriptions wish the player well as Terraria’s final chapter closed with the last update.

9 Creeper

There’s a good reason why Terraria is often referred to as the 2D Minecraft. Both feature endless worlds to explore and infinite things to build and do. As an homage to another great game the developers of Terraria introduced the Creeper costume for Halloween 2013.

The Creeper costume can only be obtained during Halloween where each piece has a 5.26% chance of appearing in a Goodie Bag. The costume bears a few subtle differences to the creature. Namely that it has arms to accommodate the human wearing it and doesn’t explode upon proximity to enemies.

8 Solar Cultist

At the heart of Terraria is a story of old gods and the beings that worship them. With the Solar Cultist set the player can now pretend to be one of those crazed individuals. This sect dresses in honor of the sun with tans and yellows.

To obtain this set the player must defeat the Lunatic Cultist. Afterward the Clothier will sell the Solar Cultist set if it’s daytime. The entire outfit costs 20 gold coins making it a bit easier to obtain compared to other vanity items.

7 Floret Protector

The Floret Protector set is a rather unique concept. The player essentially becomes a flower residing in a bio-containment suit to give it mobility and protection. This allows the player to explore the world and interact with it on a level it couldn’t as a simple flower.

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This set was introduced as part of the Journey’s End Vanity Contest. It was submitted by yikescloud. It requires Glass, Dirt Block, Silk, and a Daybloom to produce at a Loom. Interestingly the flower bears little resemblance to a Daybloom.

6 Horned God

The Horned God set is a reference to the unit of the same name in the Age of Wonders series of video games. The tooltip for this costume states “Remnant of an age of wonders”. It’s essentially a bearded individual with antlers and a brown robe.

The item is of pink rarity making it less than common to find. It can be sold by the Travelling Merchant for a varying price. It can also drop from the three mechanical bosses; The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime. They only appear in a Hard Mode playthrough.

5 Capricorn

The Capricorn set is another costume that appeared in the Journey’s End Vanity Contest. This one was submitted by R-MK. It’s unique on this list in that there’s a form with tails and one with legs the player can switch between.

To obtain the Capricorn set players will need Silk, Fallen Star, Silver Dye, and Coral to produce it at a Loom. It can be a tricky set to obtain as Fallen Stars appear randomly at night before disappearing at dawn.

4 Wanderer

The Wanderer outfit was included as part of the Journey’s End Vanity Contest. The design was conceived by crowflux. It’s essentially a typically depiction of a Ronin with the traditional Japanese Yukata and Jingasa hat. It also features a glowing orb of fireflies.

The outfit can be crafted with Silk, Clay Blocks, and Fireflies when using a Loom. It’s a great outfit for players who like to wander and explore the world of Terraria.  Some fans believe that the outfit and more specifically the fireflies are a reference to the classic anime Grave of the Fireflies.

3 Lunar Cultist

The Lunar Cultist is essentially the opposing costume to the Solar Cultist. This costume features soft blues and golds instead of the Solar’s tan coloring. This set more closely resembles the cultists in the game, namely the Lunatic Devotes in front of the Dungeon entrance.

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Acquiring the Lunar Cultist set is the same as the Solar set. Players need to find the Clothier and purchase the entire set for 20 gold coins. Unlike the Solar set which is sold during the day time the Lunar set is only available at night.

2 TV Head

This quirky costume was another introduced in the Journey’s End Vanity Contest. It was a design submitted by Dr.Zootsuit. It’s an individual wearing an ordinary black suit with a red tie and sporting a pixelated tv for a head. The screen’s colors will change depending on where the player is located and the activity they’re doing in this sandbox game.

The outfit is crafted at a Loom using Silk, Purple Dye, Glass, and Wire. It’s a fun costume due to the screen’s mechanics. When in the Corruption or Graveyard the tv will turn off and has a purple smiley face when around NPCs in a town. There are six different states it could be in.

1 Plaguebringer

The Plaguebringer is the final set introduced in the Journey’s End Vanity Contest. It was created by SodaHunter. It’s a horned skull with a regal dark cloak and fire that burns on the costume’s back. The player can change the color of the flames by applying different dye to the cloack.

It’s the antithesis of the Timeless Traveler set due to the fact it’s ingredients can only be found in the Crimson whereas the Timeless Traveler is in the Corruption. It takes Silk, Black Dye, Bone, and Vetebra at a Loom to produce.

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