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The Queen Bee is an optional boss players can face in Terraria. While she is not relevant to the story the items she drops can be immensely helpful to a player’s progress. The Bee Gun, Bee Keeper, The Bee’s Knees, and the Beenade are strong weapons that can summon bees to swarm opponents. For the Beenades alone players should consider farming her.

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That being said she can be tricky to fight if the player is unprepared. There are a number of considerations to make going into the fight and tips to help the player prepare. Here are the things you should know in order to summon and defeat the Queen Bee.

Summoning her is relatively easy, so easy in fact players often run the risk of summoning more than one at a time if they aren’t careful. She’s summoned through two methods:

  • Destroying Larva In Bee Hives In The Jungle.
  • Consuming An Abeemination

Larva are found in finite amounts in Bee Hive biomes in the Jungle area. They are created upon world generation and usually a Bee Hive will have a single Larva, though some have two. Small to Medium worlds will have around 6-8 Bee Hives and Large worlds have 11-16. That’s at least 6-8 Queen Bees and 11-16 Queen Bees respectively.

Abeeminations are also a finite resources as they require five units of Hive to craft. Hive is the material Bee Hives are made of so players will have to dismantle them to craft Abeeminations. Granted the number of Abeeminations the player can make should be more than sufficient for Queen Bee farming, but there is a cap.

The only exception to this rule is if the player is playing on the For The Worthy or Not The Bees! Seeds. These particular seeds will have Larva spawn overtime anywhere in the world. It’s important to note that the Queen Bee is much more aggressive if she’s outside the Bee Hive.

Any of the Queen Bees attacks will cause the player to be poisoned. She will utilize three maneuvers in battle:

  • Charge the player from the left or right three times.
  • Hover above and spawn Bee minions in groups of six, 12, or 18.
  • Fly around shooting stingers with poison.

The attacks are largely randomized and there doesn’t seem to be a specific pattern she uses in battle.

In Expert Mode the Queen Bee will gain faster attack speed, better damage, and better defense as the fight goes on. She can also poison the player upon contact.

It’s absolutely vital the player makes a point of dodging the Queen Bees attacks. Each attack will afflict a Poison that damages two health per second. While not dangerous in its own right it will effectively halt most standard forms of health regeneration.

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The player should also make a point of killing the Bee minions as they appear. While they don’t do a lot of damage, at least on Normal Mode, they do cause a bit of knockback and can nudge the player around the battlefield. The queen can have up to 170 or so bees on the map which can really complicate things.

The Queen Bee can be fought anywhere, but it’s strongly recommended to do the fighting in the Bee Hive. If the Queen Bee is located anywhere else she becomes enraged and the fight becomes a bit harder. The Bee Hives also have the benefit of offering Honey on the floor which the player can use for boosted health regeneration.

Aside from these considerations a standard arena with a few Wooden Platforms for mobility is a solid option. Solid Blocks can also offer a defense from the Queen Bees stingers. The player should also consider putting down the following:

  • Heart Lanterns (Light & Health Regeneration)
  • Stars In Bottles (Light & Mana Regeneration)
  • Garden Gnomes (Damage Reduction & Increase Luck-based Damage)
  • Sunflowers (Happy! Buff & Decrease Enemy Spawn Rate) – can help minimize the amount of bees.

As usual the player should be applying all of the following boosts as they would in any boss fight:

  • Sharpening Station (Sharpened Buff)
  • Ammo Box (Ammo Box Buff)
  • Crystal Ball (Clairvoyance Buff)
  • Bewitching Table (Bewitched Buff)
  • Slice of Cake (Sugar Rush Buff)

Like in any boss fight the player should use the following staples to aid in survival:

  • Regeneration Potion (Health Regeneration)
  • Endurance Potion (Damage Reduction Of 10%)
  • Lifeforce Potion (Increase Max Life By 20%)
  • Ironskin Potion (Increase Defense By 8)
  • Mana Regeneration Potion
  • Swiftness Potion (Greater Speed)

But there are some special potions the player should really consider obtaining before entering this particular fight:

  • Flipper Potion (Enables Fast Swimming In Honey)
  • Water Walking Potions (Walk On Honey)
  • Honeyfins (Best Form Of Healing Prior To Hardmode & Caught In Honey Pools)

The best armor is whatever will provide the most buffs and defenses related to the player’s chosen build and playstyle. There are a few ideal options the player should have access to at this point. Generally speaking the player shouldn’t pick a fight with a Queen Bee unless they at least have a set of Gold Armor.

  • Necro Armor – Ranged Characters
  • Jungle Armor – Offensive Mages
  • Wizard Set – General Magic Use
  • Shadow Armor – Mobile Melee Fighters
  • Crimson Armor – Standard Melee
  • Obsidian Armor – Summoners

The best weapons depend on the player’s character class. Any class can beat the Queen Bee, but some will have to get more creative and others will make this fight a cake walk. The key to this fight is having either piercing weapons to damage both the Bee minion and the Queen Bee or AOE attacks to quickly take out the minions. Aside from those two considerations the player will want high DPS potential and range ability.

Bows are very strong in this fight as they enable the player to fight at a range. Lots of ammo or piercing ammo like Jester’s Arrows or Unholy Arrows are strongly encouraged to keep Bee minions in check and fight the Queen. Careful aiming is required to deal with Bee minions which may be the only drawback with Bows.

  • Molten Fury – Best choice as it turns Wooden Arrows into Flaming Arrows causing Burn damage.
  • Tendon Bow – Best in Crimson worlds.
  • Demon Bow – Best in Corruption worlds.

Magic is another powerful options thanks to strong weapons and unique attacks. The only catch with Magic is that the player will likely switch weapons a lot whereas a bow user only needs the one weapon.

  • Ruby/Diamond Staff – Great damage, low mana requirements, and piercing.
  • Water Bolt – Really handy in Bee Hives as they bounce around the walls.
  • Vilethorn – Perfect for dealing with Bee minons.

Guns are similar to bows in terms of use in this fight. The only difference is the player will likely need a weapon for dealing with the Bee minions and one for the Queen itself.

  • Musket – Best in Corruption worlds
  • The Undertaker – Best in Crimson worlds.
  • Minishark – Chance to avoid Ammo consumption but shouldn’t be used in Expert Mode
  • Boomstick – Great for dealing with Bee minions up close.
  • Quad-Barrel Shotgun – Better than Boomstick but requires defeating Skeletron.

Melee is a surprisingly effective choice in this battle, but does require the player to get close to the Queen Bee and risk poisoning. Like other classes the player will want a sword on hand for dealing with the Queen Bee and a Flail for the Bee minions.

  • Fiery Greatsword – Strong attack and Burn effect.
  • Night’s Edge – Strong attack and Knockback.
  • Blade of Grass – Best option if neither Fiery Greatsword or Night’s Edge are obtained.
  • Sunfury – Great for taking down Bee minions and damaging the Queen Bee.

Throwing weapons can work wonders against the Queen Bee due to high damage and damage over time. The issue with Throwing weapons is there’s not a solid option for dealing with the Bee minions if they become too numerous.

  • Bone Javelins – Deal damage over time that increases the more Javelins are stuck to her.
  • Bone Throwing Knives – Pierce Bee minions.
  • Grenades – Dangerous but can do high damage and deal with Bee minion swarms.
  • Molotv Cocktails – Apply On Fire! effect.
  • Poisoned Knives – Poison the Queen.

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Summoners are going to have the toughest time as they lack the powerful gear to fight the Queen Bee. In fact the Queen Bee is herself a source of most of the gear that would be useful for fighting her. There are a few options to get the job done, but it’ll be a tougher fight when compared to other classes.

  • Imp Staff – Best Staff at this point but is really hard to obtain without defeating the Queen Bee for gear first.
  • Vampire Frog Staff – Best option in terms of DPS.
  • Flinx/Slime – Viable alternatives but rare items and next to useless on higher difficulties.
  • Snapthorn – Great Whip for dealing with Bee minions and poisoning the Queen Bee.

Interestingly while accessories are nice perks in most boss fights they can really make the Queen Bee battle a cake walk. It’s strongly advised the player does a bit of farming and crafting to get a few of these, especially if going the Summoner route.

  • Blizzard/Cloud/Sandstorm In a Bottle – Great for added mobility.
  • Shark Tooth Necklace – Boosts DPS and practically required for Expert Mode.
  • Bezoar – Removes Poisoned debuff which is huge in this fight.
  • Shield Of Cthulhu – Effective negates charge attacks.
  • Anything That Provides A Honey Buff

With the right preparation and some good Accessories the Queen Bee can be killed with relative ease. The key is to kill the Bee minions as they’re summoned in, avoid her attacks, counter the poison with boosted regeneration, and keep the pressure on her.

Players may consider skipping this fight entirely, but her drops are the core components of a lot of useful gear. In fact, many upcoming boss fights will be much easier by having one of the many weapons she drops.

It’s in the best interest of the player to not only choose to defeat this boss and learn how to do so. But to also become comfortable enough defeating her that she can be quickly farmed for powerful supplies.

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