Tekken 7 Announces New DLC Fighter Releasing This Week

Despite releasing more than six years ago now, Tekken 7 continues to receive fairly regular updates. The latest of these brings with it a brand new DLC fighter as well as a new stage. The new challenger will become the game’s 53rd playable fighter when she becomes available on the 23rd of March and the 14th to have been added through DLC.

Along with the announcement itself, Bandai Namco also released a three minute trailer showcasing just what Tekken 7‘s latest fighter is really capable of. For those wondering; she’s incredibly fast and seems to have access to a wide and varied selection of attacks and combos. The video also provides players with a glimpse of the new Island Paradise stage, which seems to be using a remixed version of the beach theme from Tekken 4 as its backing track.

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Bandai Namco seems incredibly keen to point out that its new original character Lidia Sobieska is Polish, having now mentioned it on several occasions over the last few months. It’s perhaps understandable why though, as her unique background arguably makes her a great fit for the series’ already diverse cast of characters. She can even be heard speaking Polish in the trailer too, suggesting that the developer has put a lot of time and thought into the character’s design and backstory.

As well as the new paid content, there’ll also be a series of free updates that aim to improve existing elements of the game. These include new moves, an updated UI and enhancements to online play. There are a few other little changes too; all of which should be going live in the not too distant future.

If pricing is anything like previous DLC, those hoping to get their hands on the new fighter will have to part with $5.99 of their hard earned cash, or alternatively, $14.99 for the game’s fourth season pass. The latter will also provide access to the returning fighter Kunimitsu as well as the Vermillion Gates stage; both of which were released back in November of last year.

The announcement of a fourth season of Tekken 7 proved to be fairly controversial with some members of the game’s fan base, not only due to the age of the game, but also because many had expected Season 3 to be the game’s last. The move suggests that either Bandai Namco isn’t quite ready to release the series’ eighth entry yet or, perhaps, that the developer still believes it can squeeze a bit more life out of Tekken 7 before putting it out to pasture.

Whatever the case, fans are largely hoping to receive some news on Tekken 8 fairly soon, especially considering the rumors that Capcom may be getting ready to announce three new Street Fighter games over the next few years. Until then, however, all fans can really do is wait and maybe enjoy the new fighters.

Tekken 7 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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