Switch Continues to Dominate Sales in Japan to Kick off 2021

The Nintendo Switch is coming up on its four-year anniversary soon. The hybrid console is a huge success around the world, and certainly in Japan as well. In fact, the Switch made up 87% of all console sales in Japan in 2020, and now it is continuing that momentum into 2021.

Famitsu recently released the sales numbers for video game consoles for the week of January 18, 2021, to January 24, 2021. The Nintendo Switch again dominated, and the newly released PS5 trailed far behind. Of course, it is very hard to find a PS5 right now, as they are often sold out.

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In that period of time, The Nintendo Switch sold 110,811 units between the standard and Switch Lite systems; very impressive numbers. During the last two weeks of 2020, the Switch sold over half a million consoles in Japan. While this January one-week span is not quite as high in sales, it is eye-opening in that it came without a holiday push and without a big name release like a Mario, Pokemon, or Animal Crossing. Meanwhile, the PS5 sold 15,312 units during this same January one-week stretch.

Nintendo dominated in terms of video game software sales in 2020 as well. Of course, as PS5 consoles become more available, it is likely that PlayStation will start to take a bite out of that percentage. However, Nintendo Switch has some huge games coming up or rumored to release in in 2021, like the Breath of the Wild sequel, Monster Hunter: Rise, New Pokemon Snap, Neo: The World Ends With You, No More Heroes 3, and more. There are a lot of interesting games on the way that could help keep the momentum going for the Nintendo Switch; both in Japan and beyond.

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Source: Famitsu via NintendoEnthusiast