Survival Game Green Hell is Coming to Consoles Later This Year

Green Hell is a survival game based in the Amazonian rainforest developed by Creepy Jar. It may not be the most popular survival game out there, but the open-world horror survival title has a very positive user score on Steam, and it is now headed to additional platforms.

Green Hell is on its way to consoles in the near future. Late last year Creepy Jar revealed that Green Hell was headed to VR devices in 2021, and now the game is branching out by landing on consoles as well this year.

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Creepy Jar released a trailer announcing that Green Hell will launch on consoles in June of 2021. Although it did not specify specifically what consoles the horror survival game would land on, a final image at the end of the video does show the PS4 and Xbox logo. This would indicate that the game likely is not headed to the PS5 at this point, but the game may be headed to either the Xbox Series X|S and or the Xbox One.

Interestingly enough, Green Hell already is on the Nintendo Switch, as Forever Entertainment handled the publishing of that version of the game and Creepy Jar developed the version that released back on October 8, 2020. But the other console versions of Green Hell are still set to release in June.

Green Hell allows players to hunt, craft, build, and explore the Amazon rainforest all in solo or co-op play. Not only is the game designed as a survival game, but it also is described as a psychological thriller, which is a genre that not many video games get into. It will be interesting to see more players get an opportunity to try the title when it launches on more consoles in a few months.

Green Hell is available on PC and Switch now. It’s currently in development for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and VR.

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