Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Theory May Rule Out Some Popular DLC Possibilities

Trying to figure out what the next DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate used to be a feasible goal, but in a game that sees Steve from Minecraft fight Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, that isn’t so much the case anymore. Still, that hasn’t stopped dedicated fans from considering all the possibilities and trying to make the best possible predictions, and a new theory may be disappointing for some fans. If this is correct, then highly requested characters like Doom Guy, Master Chief, and even Dante from Devil May Cry to an extent would not be eligible to appear as DLC characters during this Fighters Pass.

This theory is posited by Smash YouTuber PapaGenos, and uses the newly revealed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament event as the basis for its argument. The upcoming event is titled Ballistic Barrage, and will feature only characters that have projectile weapons or attacks as a primary means of dealing damage. This includes characters with guns like Joker or Snake but also those with bows or other innate powers like Link or Pikachu.

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The reason this is relevant is because of the way Nintendo has handled events like this in the past. Typically speaking, the event that comes right after a DLC character is added pertains to them or one of their major features. A great example of this would be Sephiroth, as a tournament featuring characters that use dark energy was added shortly after he was. One would think Nintendo would save a projectile themed tournament for after a DLC character with guns was added, but that wasn’t the case here.

While this theory does make a lot of sense, there is some evidence against it already that fans of Master Chief and other gunmen can cling onto. Shortly before Sephiroth was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo ran a tournament that restricted players to only characters that were from the 90s, a tournament that Sephiroth would have fit in since Final Fantasy 7 released in 1997. Granted, this isn’t a major part of Sephiroth’s character so it isn’t as compelling an argument as if the dark themed event launched before him, but it’s something.

This doesn’t confirm or deconfirm any of these characters in an official way, so players should still wait to see what Nintendo’s next DLC fighter is. That said, it never hurts to prepare for the possibility that this theory is spot on and that none of these characters will make it into the game. Managing expectations is ultimately the best way to avoid disappointment.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on Switch.

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