Super Mario 3D All-Stars Will Be Delisted At The End Of The Month, Nintendo Reminds Again

super mario 3d all-stars

Last year saw the re-release of three classic Mario games: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. The collection sold well right off the bat and has hopefully exposed more people to these games, or given people a chance to go back. However, as you may remember, the game isn’t much longer for this world, which Nintendo wants you to remember.

Nintendo posted a new PSA to remind people that the game will be delisted at the end of the month. That means it will be removed from the eShop to purchase (though you can download it again if you purchased it in the past, of course) and that no other physical copies will be sent to retailers. This is actually the second time Nintendo has reminded people the collection is about to get the axe this month.

How difficult the game will be to find after March 31st is anyone’s guess. Considering the strong sales, used copies will probably not be that hard to come by, but if you want a new copy or the game digitally, you have until March 31st to get it.