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Subnautica‘s murky depths hide all sorts of strange flora and fauna. As players explore deeper and deeper, they’ll have to cultivate strange new elements and materials to aid in base expansion and further adventuring. With rumors swirling of a potential third Subnautica sequel featuring multiplayer, more people than ever are diving in to the oceanic world.

Subnautica’s world can be confusing and somewhat daunting for those new divers, and a particularly helpful material can be easy to pass up. Cave Sulfur is required to build the Repair Tool, which players can use to fix virtually any damaged equipment, and the Laser Cutter, which can open locked doors on shipwrecks for looting. Harvesting Cave Sulfur can be a dangerous process, as players will have to work around the dopey-looking– but explosive– Crashfish.

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Here’s where to find Cave Sulfur, and useful tips for harvesting it.

The easiest way to farm Cave Sulfur is by finding Sulfur Plants, which are medium-sized brown and red bulbs. Though the plant itself isn’t distinctive, it houses the Crashfish, a creature similar to Minecraft‘s Creeper, which will warn players of its presence. As someone gets closer, the Sulfur Plant will open with a gurgling noise, showing the Crashfish inside.

If a player chooses to leave at this point, the Crashfish won’t emerge– but continuing the approach will cause the Crashfish to spring out of the plant at high speed and pursue the player. A Crashfish’s explosion can potentially destroy and entire Seamoth, and will quickly vanquish any player.

After the Crashfish is dealt with, the Sulfur Plant will remain open with the Cave Sulfur inside, safe for collection. If a player leaves the area without destroying the plant, both the Cave Sulfur and the Crashfish will respawn.

As mentioned, Cave Sulfur is an integral ingredient in crafting the Repair Tool and the Laser Cutter. It can also be used to make Flares, which provide ambient light. Here is the crafting recipe for each item involving Cave Sulfur. As with most things, all of this must be made at the Fabricator.

  • Flares: Cave Sulfur is the only requirement to make Flares. It will yield five per Cave Sulfur consumed.
  • Laser Cutter: 2 Subnautica Diamonds, Battery, Titanium, Cave Sulfur
  • Repair Tool: Silicone Rubber, Titanium, Cave Sulfur

Subnautica is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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