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Stellaris: Console Edition is getting an upgrade on the Xbox Series X. The system’s extra power has given the developer the extra room it needs to really take the game to the next level.

Stellaris is a space-themed 4X grand strategy game, where the player takes the role of an interstellar civilization that has just achieved space flight. From there the player has to build a space empire and dominate the galaxy, via military might, diplomacy, or some other means. The game was originally released on PC, but was later released on Xbox One and PS4 as Stellaris: Console Edition. Of course, consoles don’t have as much power as PCs, so the console version runs a little bit slower.

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This new patch is going a little way to rectify that, as Paradox Interactive’s new trailer shows. The game often has extensive lists of patch notes, although these are a little more compact. The trailer gives a side-by-side view of the Xbox Series X version of the game vs the Xbox One version, and the differences are striking.

The Xbox Series X version loads to the title screen a full 32 seconds faster than the Xbox One version. Likewise, the Xbox Series X version is able to run at a smooth 60 frames per second on both the map screen and when zoomed into a battle, as compared to the Xbox One’s 30 frames per second for the same.

It’s really great to see the developers continuing to support the game like this. These upgrades will certainly be useful when the third expansion pass comes out for Stellaris: Console Edition.

On the other hand, Stellaris: Console Edition still doesn’t run quite as well as Stellaris does on a higher-end PC, so the console edition still has a long way to go before it becomes the definitive version of the game.

Stellaris is out now for PC, Mac, and Linux. Stellaris: Console Edition is available for PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S and X.

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