Steam Game Festival is Now Live, Over 500 Free Demos Available


The Steam Game Festival returns and once again offers quite the number of free demos for players to try. There are more than 500 demos to sift through until February 9th, many of them new and others returning. Numerous developer talks are also being held so that players can learn more about the development processes behind said games.

If you’re keen on trying out any demos, then there’s Loop Hero, Devolver Digital’s upcoming deck-building rogue-lite with a charming pixel art-style. Windjammers 2 is also worth checking out to see how the classic has transitioned over to its new art-style. Happy Game is also worth noting – it’s a horror adventure title from Amanita Design of Creaks and Botanicula fame.

Following the Steam Game Festival’s conclusion is the Steam Lunar New Year sale. It’s rumored to take place on February 11th and will offer numerous sales. Whether the Night Market, which offers a number of different chat stickers, profile backgrounds and more to acquire with Points, will return remains to be seen so stay tuned.