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Once the blue chickens, void chickens, and dinosaurs have been acquired, Stardew Valley players would be forgiven for thinking they’d obtained all the special animals that live in coops, but as of the new 1.5 update, they’d be wrong. The new update added golden chickens to the game and their acquisition will require the most work compared to any other animal in the game.

Ginger Island was one of the major additions in the Stardew Valley 1.5 update. Any players hoping to get a golden chicken will have to make their way to Ginger Island first. To do so, go to the back door of Willy’s shop down at the beach after the community center or Joja warehouse has been completed. There players will find a ship of his that needs repairing. To repair the ship, players will need 200 hardwood, 5 battery packs, and 5 iridium bars. Once the ship has been repaired, players may make their way to Ginger Island.

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Players will be met with a variety of different activities once they make their way to Ginger Island. However, for the purpose of getting a golden chicken, getting golden walnuts will be a priority.

Golden walnuts can be found all around the island and found in various different ways. Once players have 100 golden walnuts with them, they can make their way to the west side of the island and open a door to Qi’s Walnut Room.

Mr. Qi’s shop will have a couple of things to note. On the left side of the room is the special orders board at which players can accept requests from Qi that will reward Qi gems for completing. Qi gems can then be exchanged for items on the other side of the room at the shop.

Those interested in getting golden chickens will want to make their way to the statue to the far right of the room: the perfection tracker. The perfection tracker, as the name suggests, keeps track of player’s accomplishments and their progress towards 100% completion of the game.

All the tasks listed by the perfection tracker must be completed. They are as follows:

  • Ship one of every crop and forage item
  • Build all the obelisks (desert, island, earth, water) on the farm
  • Build the Gold Clock on the farm
  • Finish all the monster eradication goals at the Adventurer’s Guild
  • Reach maximum affection from every villager. For the purposes of this, bachelors and bachelorettes are considered maxed out at 8 hearts.
  • Reach level 10 in each skill.
  • Find all stardrops.
  • Cook every Stardew Valley recipe.
  • Craft all items
  • Catch every fish in Stardew Valley. The fish required to complete Qi’s quest “Extended Family” are not required to complete this task however.
  • Find all golden walnuts

Once all the tasks on the perfection tracker have been completed, golden eggs will be available to buy both from Mr. Qi and from Marnie. A golden egg will cost 100 Qi gems from the former and 100,000 gold from the latter. Like void eggs, the witch can also give players golden eggs once they’ve reached 100% completion, but again, the occurrence of the witch random event is only 1%, and getting a golden egg isn’t even promised when the event does activate, because the witch can do multiple things. It’s a safer and likely quicker bet just to buy the golden egg.

Once the golden egg is acquired, it can be placed in the incubator like any other egg in Stardew Valley and a golden chicken will hatch after several days. The golden chicken will continue to lay golden eggs that sell for a base price of 500 gold, ten times the amount of a standard egg. When placed into a mayonnaise maker however, the golden eggs will not produce golden mayonnaise. Rather, they will produce three units of gold star quality standard mayonnaise.

Stardew Valley is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: Stardew Valley Wiki