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There are plenty of animals to acquire in Stardew Valley, and each provides a variety of different goods the player can make a profit off of. Stardew Valley‘s chickens are probably one of the most basic farm animals and probably the type of animal players will first acquire when playing the game. There are several different varieties of chickens to obtain, and this guide will cover how to get the blue chickens.

Starting with the basics, players will need to obtain a coop before they can own and raise any chickens in Stardew Valley. A standard coop will cost the player 4,000 gold, 300 wood, and 100 stone. Once the required resources have been obtained, they will need to be given to Robin at her shop in the northern part of town. She will then ask the player to choose where on the farm to build the coop. It will take her three days to finish construction on the coop. White and brown chickens can then be purchased from Marnie.

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Befriending Shane may seem largely unrelated to the idea of obtaining a new variety of chicken, but it is a requirement to being able to unlock blue chickens. Blue chickens will become available to the player after they trigger Shane’s 8 heart event. Perhaps counterintuitive given Shane’s character arc in the Stardew Valley, gifting him beer is one of the easiest ways to raise his affection as it can be bought in bulk from Gus in the Saloon.

Those not wishing to further Shane’s drinking problem can also give him pizza, hot peppers, or pepper poppers, the former of which is also available at the Saloon for purchase. He “loves” all four items, but if players don’t wish to spend the money on gifts, he also “likes” all fruits and all eggs besides dinosaur eggs and void eggs.

These are the times and locations needed to activate Shane’s heart events when he reaches the respective heart level:

Two Hearts: Enter the forest south of the player farm from 8pm to 12am

Four Hearts: Enter Marnie’s ranch; the time of day doesn’t matter

Six Hearts: Enter the forest south of the player’s farm while it is raining between 9am and 8pm

Seven Hearts (Part 1): Enter Marnie’s Ranch when Shane is home after seeing the six heart event.

Seven Hearts (Part 2): Enter the town while it is sunny between 10am and 4pm. Clint and Emily must also have two hearts of affection each for this event to trigger.

Eight Hearts: Enter Marnie’s Ranch whenever Shane is home.

Once Shane’s eight heart event has been triggered, blue chickens will officially be available to the player. From this point on, every chicken bought from Marnie or every chicken hatched from a white or brown egg has a 25% chance of being blue. The best way to guarantee a blue chicken however, is to buy the chicken from Marnie. When she asks the player to name the new chicken, there will be a notice at the top of the screen that says the color of the chicken being named. If it’s not blue, simply cancel out of the transaction and repeat until it says the chicken is blue.

Blue chickens are functionally identical to white chickens as there are no blue eggs. They simply produce white eggs as a white chicken would. Blue chickens are mainly just for appearances and bragging rights, but they do look much more flashy compared to their white and brown counterparts. The apparent flashiness of owning a blue chicken may rival owning a Stardew Valley ostrich, but for console players, ostriches are not yet available at time of writing.

Stardew Valley is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: Stardew Valley Wiki