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Once a year, Stardew Valley‘s Pelican Town is transformed into a festive wonderland to celebrate the Fall season. There are unique shopping opportunities and activities aplenty to keep even the most busy body occupied for hours.

The Stardew Valley Fair only takes place on Tuesday, the 16th of Fall, though it is an annual event. Plus, it runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (in-game time), meaning that there’s plenty of time to hit up all the booths.

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Here are all the different booths and limited-time items available, and all a player needs to know about the Grange Display, a fun opportunity to show off all of their hard work.

The Fair’s currency runs on a system of Star Tokens, similar to how an arcade uses tickets to reward someone for completing a game or activity. There are certain booths that use mechanics from the game to reward players Star Tokens. Most of the booths actually require Gold to access, with the most common cost being 50g.

Here are all of the game booths, with a description of the mechanic and potential rewards.

  • Fishing Minigame (50g) – This one is pretty self-explanatory– the fishing works in the same way that it does in the base game, there’s just a limited amount of casts. Each fish yields 12-25 Star Tokens, plain items will reward one, and a player will get bonus tokens for a perfect catch.
  • Slingshot Minigame (50g) – There will be a number of targets that a player has to hit with their Slingshot. There are three different colored targets to hit, with each rewarding a different number of Star Tokens: Red- 1, Blue- 2, Purple- 5. Players will also be given extra tokens based off o accuracy.
  • Smashing Stone (Free) – There will be a stone next to an energy bar. Click on the stone at the right time, when the bar reaches the top or bottom, to get on Star Token.
  • Token Seller- As the name implies, will sell one Star Token for 50g.
  • Fortune Teller Booth (100g) – No Star Tokens involved this time, but the Fortune Teller can give a player valuable information on the two Villagers atop an individual’s Social menu.
  • Spinning Wheel- Players can bet a certain amount of Star Tokens (limited only to the amount that they have) on whether a spinning arrow will land on the orange or green half of a wheel.

Once a player has accrued a vast amount of Star Tokens, they can head over to the Shop Booth to purchase exclusive items. To purchase every single fixed item will cost 3,900 Star Tokens, and each one is purchasable only once per year. Here are all of the fixed items available.

  • Dried Sunflowers (100 Tokens) – Cosmetic for a player’s house
  • Fedora (500 Tokens) – Wearable item
  • Light Green Rug (500 Tokens) – Another item to liven up a home
  • Rarecrow (800 Tokens) – One of eight collectible items
  • Stardrop (2,000 Tokens) – Will increase a player’s max energy by 34 points upon consumption

There are some other random items that can pop up in the shop.

  • Pepper Poppers (250 Tokens) – A consumable cooked dish that restores health and energy
  • Triple Shot Espresso (400 Tokens) – Provides an extensive Speed buff
  • 100 Hay (500 Tokens) – Used to feed livestock
  • Glowstone Ring (1,000 Tokens) – An item that emits light and can attract objects on the ground
  • 24 Mixed Seeds (1,000 Tokens) – A grab bag of plantable seeds

Like any town fair, the Grange Display provides the opportunity to showcase valuable items for the potential of great reward.

To enter into the contest, approach Mayor Lewis and interact with him. You can enter up to nine items to be judged. Each one will be assigned a specific point value, largely based off of rarity. So, as a general rule of thumb, Base value will return the lowest points while Iridium will prove to be the most valuable. Entering nine items will also give players an automatic nine points.

There are eight categories of items recognized by the fair that are all pretty standard.

So, to maximize the amount of points a display is worth, use nine Iridium-quality items with a high selling price. Netting 90 points will earn First Place and 1,000 Star Tokens.

Stardew Valley is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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