Stardew Valley: Everything You Need To Know About Spirit's Eve & The Golden Pumpkin

What is there to know about Stardew Valley‘s spookiest event and the great Golden Pumpkin?

Spirit’s Eve is Pelican Town’s equivalent of Halloween. In the English version of the game, several villagers mention the event as the “Halloween festival.” Like any good Halloween event, there are pumpkins and in this case, there’s a Golden Pumpkin.

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There are some interesting facts surrounding this particular in-game event and the Golden Pumpkin. From fun factoids to easter eggs and event-completion tips, there are many things to learn when it comes to the Spirit’s Eve festival. So, here is everything Stardew Valley players need to know.

10 What Is Spirit’s Eve

Spirit’s Eve is a festival in Stardew Valley. The townsfolk celebrate Spirit’s Eve as a way to recognize the spirit present in Pelican Town and prepare for the cold winter season.

The festival takes place on the 27th of Fall and starts at 10 pm, although the clock will change to 12 pm once the player leaves. As long as the player enters Pelican Town between 10:00 and 11:50 pm, they can participate in the event. Time won’t pass while gamers are enjoying the Spirit’s Eve festival.

9 Pierre’s Booth

Pierre has a shopping booth set up that allows players to purchase event-related items and recipes. During the Spirit’s Eve festival, Pierre will sell Jack-O-Laterns and its recipe as well as Rarecrow (2 of 8), a gravestone, and a funky rug.

The Jack-O-Lantern can only be purchased here and if left outside it will rot on the 1st day of Winter. This can be avoided by storing it in a chest or in the player’s inventory. The funky rug, however, is available for free for those that own the furniture catalog.

8 The Haunted Maze

The festival’s main attraction is the Spirit Eve’s Haunted Maze.

Attempting to finish the Haunted Maze is the reason why so many villagers attend the event. However, most of them are actually frightened of the maze itself. Abigail stops in her tracks due to her fear of spiders. And those that aren’t scared become confused because of its difficulty.

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The player will receive a Golden Pumpkin for successfully completing the maze. It is actually one of the only two ways that gamers can obtain this item.

7 Artifact Trove

The Golden Pumpkin can be obtained by finishing the Spirit’s Eve Haunt Maze. However, another way to acquire this item is with the Artifact Trove.

There are several different ways to get a hold of an Artifact Trove. It can be purchased from the Desert Trader, it can be dug up from Artifact Spots on Ginger Island, players playing on a beach farm can find them in tier 3 supply crates, and, once the Vault Bundle has been completed, it can also be dropped by Haunted Skulls.

Although it contains mostly artifacts, there is a 3.7% chance that it will have a Golden Pumpkin inside.

6 Price Of The Golden Pumpkin

Players that only wish to complete the maze in order to make some profit should be aware that the Golden Pumpkin won’t make them rich. Taking into consideration that it’s a once in an in-game year prize, it may come off as a surprise that the Golden Pumpkin will sell for 2,500 gold, which isn’t much in Stardew Valley.

Strangely, Pierre will not buy a Golden Pumpkin at this shop. And, the only way that gamers can sell it is through the Shipping Bin on their farm.

5 Gifting The Golden Pumpkin

In Stardew Valley, the player can gift the villagers twice a week in order to gain friendship points. The villagers can either love, like, feel neutrals towards, dislike, or hate the gift that they’re given.

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The Golden Pumpkin used to be a universally hated gift but the 1.3 game update made it so it was a universally loved gift. This was most likely due to the fact that the item didn’t have much use besides being worth 2,500 gold. Making it a loved gift makes it so more fans will be willing to make the effort to participate in the maze to obtain it.

4 Witch Hat

The Golden Pumpkin used to be an overall pointless item, even its description reads “it’s valuable but has no other purpose.” However, after the game’s 1.4 update, the item can now be used in tailoring.

The player can use the sewing machine available at Emily’s house or their own sewing machine, given to them by Emily. In order to craft the Witch Hat, all the player needs is a Golden Pumpkin and cloth. This item cannot be sold so those trying to profit with the Golden Pumpkin will have no such luck here.

3 Secret Passage

Mazes can be frustrating and difficult. The trick to finishing Pelican Town’s Haunted Maze is to find the secret passage. There’s a sign with a question mark on it and underneath there is a secret passage through the hedges. The passage leads to a cave.

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The player will not be able to see what’s inside the cave and will have to blindly make their way across it. At the other end of the cave, the player can exit and will find themselves next to the treasure chest that contains the Golden Pumpkin.

2 Secret Moon

It’s no coincidence that there’s a full moon on the night of Spirit’s Eve. That is most likely why the event takes place on the 27th day of the season. Every season on the 27th, there is a full moon. Therefore, the same occurs on the day of the Halloween festival.

There is even an easter egg. Clicking the moon a few times on the saving screen at the end of the day will cause a rather bizarre face to appear. This is rather disturbing, especially on the day of Spirit’s Eve.

1 Who Organizes The Festival

The Spirit’s Eve festival is organized by one of the most mysterious inhabitants of Pelican Town, the Wizard. The Wizard, also known as M. Rasmodius, seems to have some event planning skills as well.

He works hard all day to organize the festival. Why? Well, even though the player can’t interact with him during the event, the data files have given fans some insight. In the game’s data files there is some dialog in which the Wizard says “The affairs of mundane folk matter little to me, but the elementals like a chance to see you up close. It was for them that I created this silly maze.”

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