Stardew Valley: 10 Tips To Help You Unlock The Legend Achievement

Who doesn’t want to be a Legend? In Stardew Valley you officially get the chance. You can earn a Legend Achievement by only meeting one requirement. Unfortunately, that requirement is earning 10 million gold in-game. No one ever said becoming a Legend was easy.

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Luckily, however, earning 10 million gold in Stardew Valley is a good bit easier than doing it in the real world. You simply need to keep at it and you will eventually get there. Luckily, we’re here to help you along the way. Here are 10 tips to make your life easier as you work toward the Stardew Valley Legend Achievement.

10 Plant Highly Profitable Crops

Crops are one of the best ways to earn money, especially when the player knows which are most profitable. The best crops for Spring are Strawberries and Rhubarb, although they’re not easy to obtain. Strawberries can only be bought at the Egg Festival on the 13th, so players should stockpile some for the next year. Rhubarb, meanwhile, requires Calico Desert access.

For Summer, players will want Blueberries and Starfruit. Blueberries can be bought from Pierre, while Starfruit needs access to the desert. In Autumn, Cranberries and Pumpkins are most profitable, and can both be bought at Pierre’s.

Additionally, fertilizer will provide higher quality crops and therefore more money. However, it’s a lot of work to fertilize every crop. It’s up to the player to decide how to use it.

9 Own A Lot Of Pigs

Any animals can be a decent source of money, but pigs are by far the most profitable. While they are extremely expensive to purchase at 16,000 Gold, they more than make up for their cost. Pigs will dig up Truffles whenever they’re out of the barn, which sells for 625 at their base value, making them worth the cost.

It is recommended that players have a fully upgraded barn housing 8 Pigs, and then have 1 of every other type of animal, as they aren’t as useful. Pigs can find Truffles any day as long as it isn’t raining or Winter; i.e., any day they go outside.

8 Use The Greenhouse To Grow Ancient Fruit

The Greenhouse takes some work to obtain, requiring paying either a large sum of money (35,000) to Joja Mart or finishing the Pantry in the Community Center. Once you have your greenhouse, the best crop to grow is the Ancient Fruit. Once the player finds the Ancient Seed artifact, donate it to the museum to obtain the plantable version.

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After the player harvests their first Ancient Fruit, use a Seed Maker to replicate them. Plant, harvest, and repeat. A fully matured crop will produce every week, so the player can plant the entire greenhouse with Ancient Fruit very easily. With this setup, players basically never need to worry about money again.

7 Use Kegs To Make Wine

Continuing from the tip above, players can take their greenhouse full of Ancient Fruit one step further with Kegs. These can turn Ancient Fruit (or any fruit, for that matter) into Wine, making them sell for 3x the profit they normally would.

It’s best to have a fully upgraded Shed somewhere on the farm to store as many Kegs as possible. Conveniently, the amount of time it takes for Ancient Fruit to turn into Wine is one week—the same as growing time for mature Ancient Fruit plants. This means players can harvest from the greenhouse and Kegs at the same time.

6 Place Fish Ponds On The Farm

Fish Ponds can be bought from Robin for a relatively cheap price, and can be a small source of profit. It’s ideal to have two Fish Ponds that both have Preserves Jars next to them. The best fish to place inside are Sturgeon, (caught at the Mountain Lake from 6 AM-7 PM, Winter or Summer) and Lava Eel (Mines level 100).

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If the players keep their fish happy, the pond’s population will increase to 10. The fish will produce Roe more often, which can be put into Preserves Jars for more profit. Players can then collect one fish from both ponds (using the fishing rod), selling them, waiting for them to duplicate back to ten, and then repeating.

5 Grow A Few Fruit Trees

Fruit Tree saplings can be bought from Pierre’s General Store and are best planted in the greenhouse. Players can have 18 Fruit Trees in the greenhouse, meaning you can have 3 trees for each fruit. A Fruit Tree can hold up to 3 fruits at a time, making it more efficient to harvest them every 3 days as opposed to every day.

Each tree produces year-round in the greenhouse, but has a specific season outside. Spring fruit trees include Apricots and Cherries. Oranges and Peaches grow during the summer, while Apples and Pomegranates can be harvested during the fall.

4 Craft Plenty Of Bee Houses

Bee Houses produce honey every 3-4 days, which in itself isn’t all that impressive. However, if the player plants a flower near a Bee House, it changes the type of honey from “Wild Honey” to that type of flower. For example, a Bee House planted next to a sunflower produces “Sunflower Honey.” This increases profit  significantly.

Not every flower is of equal value, though. Blue Jazz is the best flower for Spring, Poppy is the best flower for Summer, and Fairy Rose is the best flower for Autumn. For the most profit, players should have between 50-80 Bee Houses.

3 Craft Tons Of Crystalariums

Crystalariums are very resource heavy, costing 99 Stones, 5 Gold Bars, 2 Iridium Bars and 1 Battery to make. However, the profit is worth it. To craft these, the best ways to gain Iridium are through the Skull Cavern (level 60+ preferably) or from the Statue of Perfection.

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Players should have at least 50+ Crystalariums on their farm all filled with Diamonds, since this is the most valuable gem they can duplicate. They will be able to collect and sell them every five days, and they can duplicate a gem infinitely.

2 Choose Professions Wisely

When the player reaches level 5 or 10 in any skill, they must choose to specialize in a certain Profession. This provides a benefit of some kind, depending on the skill. Some of these are much more useful for making money than others, however. The most profitable professions are as follows:

  • Tiller: Crops sell for 10% more. Available at Farming Level 5.
  • Artisan: Artisan goods sell for 40% more. Available at Farming Level 10 if the player selected Tiller.
  • Gatherer: Foraged items have a 20% of giving two items instead of one. Available at Foraging Level 5.
  • Botanist: Foraged items are always iridium quality. Available at Foraging Level 10 if the player chose Gatherer.
  • Fisher: Fish sell for 25% more. Available at Fishing Level 5.
  • Angler: Fish sell for 50% more. Available at Fishing Level 10 if the player selected Fisher.

If the player did not pick these Professions, the Statue Of Uncertainty in the sewers can change them for 10,000 Gold per skill.

1 Utilize the Ginger Island Farm

After finishing the Community Center and fixing Willy’s boat up, the player will have access to Ginger Island. Here, they’ll find a whole second farm they can use to plant crops.

It’s very similar to the regular farm, with two key differences. Crows do not spawn here, making Scarecrows unnecessary. Furthermore, crops from any season can be grown here regardless of the current season. This means that the player can plant and grow any of the valuable crops mentioned earlier, resulting in huge profits.

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