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A once Stadia exclusive Bomberman game may be headed to PC.  Super Bomberman R Online launched on Google Stadia last year as an exclusive on the streaming service, but now the game could be branching out to other platforms as well.

Super Bomberman R Online was in many was a re-release and re-imagination of the Nintendo Switch launch game Super Bomberman R. The title was not overly well-received, but it stuck to the Bomberman formula. Super Bomberman R also was released again on the PC in 2018, so it is interesting that Super Bomberman R Online will likely see a release on the PC, yet again, after having first been first released on Google Stadia.

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A recent ESRB listing has revealed that the once Google Stadia exclusive Super Bomberman R Online will soon release on the PC. The game has not been officially announced, but the ESRB website information seems legitimate. The game has been free on Google Stadia, but there is no information on the price for the PC version.

The Google Stadia version of Super Bomberman R Online came with a bevy of new features over the original Super Bomberman R, including a 64 player last-man-standing online mode, Crowd Play, and more. It will be very interesting to see if the PC version carries over all of those features, especially something like Crowd Play, as Crowd Choice and Crowd Play on Google Stadia is a feature that is important to the service that may not easily transfer over to a standard PC version.

It recently became apparent that Google was shutting down all of its first-party Stadia development studios. So while the service is still alive and running, for the time being, there may be developers that are looking to continue to take their games elsewhere if they see this as writing on the wall that Stadia may not last forever. And even if Stadia continues to last for a long time, putting a game like Super Bomberman R Online on as many platforms as possible will only help the game.

The ESRB listing should not be a 100% confirmation of Super Bomberman R Online coming to PC at this point, but it is pretty close. It definitely makes sense to allow the game some breathing room outside of Google Stadia alone. If the Bomberman title does come to PC, perhaps it will eventually come to home consoles as well, as it would make sense to have the game come to as many platforms as possible.

Super Bomberman R Online is available on Google Stadia and may release on PC.

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Source: ESRB