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Saving the world as the Dragonborn is a lot to ask for someone who just wants to do some side quests or become a werewolf and maul some guards to death. It turns out the quickest way to save the world is by brandishing an ax to crush any enemies.

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In short, the Dragonborn wants to be a warrior. They’re straightforward, loud, and most of the time have bad literacy so they resort to weapons instead of spellbooks. Ax good. Fireball weak. That’s just how it is. In the spirit of making the best warrior ever in Skyrim, knowing which skills to pick is essential.

10 Conjuration

Well, this is ironic, isn’t it? Spells are to be avoided as a warrior but blame Skyrim for allowing such a free-form class system. Because it turns out, having some awesome Daedric weapons pulled out of thin air is a nifty skill to have.

No other skill tree in Skyrim other than Conjuration allows for that. Players will mostly want to be focusing on Bound Weapons and the better someone is at Conjuration, the bigger the sticks. It’s great if players want a more flexible warrior and don’t want to be locked to a single weapon choice.

9 Enchanting

Again from the Mage discipline is a skill that lets players augment their weapons and thus increasing damage output. Because the only thing better than a huge battle ax is a huge battle ax that steals souls. Now, if players aren’t satisfied with the offerings of the Daedric Artifacts, then they can make their own magic weapons.

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In addition to that, Enchanting also allows players to make some rings or amulets that grant warrior skill bonuses such as unarmed, One-handed, or Heavy Armor. It doesn’t have to be maxed out either, just improve it enough to be able to augment your ax-for-brains lifestyle.

8 Restoration

Yes, it’s another Mage tree skill but this is the last one. Restoration is highly useful and tactical, especially if players keep relying on clunky potions during the heat of battle. Popping out light from the player’s off-hand and self-healing is a cooler way to do it.

The Restoration skill tree is best only for one thing when it comes to warriors: enhancing their healing spells. Luckily, perks like that are cheap and are given readily without the need for further investment so this won’t bother a player’s warrior progression too much.

7 Archery

Fighting from afar is also an accepted way of being a warrior, wizard hands are too feeble to draw bowstrings anyway. Archery, for that matter, is also a decent skill to have for warriors.

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After all, dragons are unfair and sometimes wimp out of fights by staying in the air. Too bad there are no spears in Skyrim so players have to make do with bows and arrows. Don’t worry, drawing a bow and keeping a steady hand still works out the arms.

6 Smithing

Speaking of working out the arms, Smithing is by far the best way to do that without having to kill someone in Skyrim. It’s also one of the best skills to have if a player wants the best weapons and armor in the game.

The only caveat is that leveling Smithing to the point where it is possible to craft some Dragonbone armor is a grind. Besides, warriors are not thieves; stop stealing weapons and armor and forge them instead.

5 Block

As tough and astronomical as a Nordic warrior’s biceps might be, they open up too much to blades. Skincare in Skyrim is expensive so having a shield is a must for warriors looking to preserve their arms’ complexion.

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In fact, it’s not just for defense. Players can also use shields to bash the enemy faces in. Bonus points if players find a mod that allows them to dual wield shields because the best offense is a good defense. Probably.

4 Light Armor

These four remaining skills are the most important for any warrior. Light Armor, for instance, is perfect for the barbarian-types who think their skin can pass for armor due to how many callouses they have.

Light Armor is also great for those looking to maximize their movements as it has the least penalties in the game, especially early on. In addition to that, the Light Armor tree has a perk that gives more damage to players so it’s perfect for those willing to sacrifice their personal safety for some enemy scars.

3 One-Handed

It’s up to the players what they want to pair with their armor but for fast attacks and fast results without much collateral damage (like accidentally bludgeoning Lydia with Volendrung during a Draugr fight), then One-Handed weapons are ideal.

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They’re quick and stylish, particularly once players have obtained the Power Attack perk. As for which One-Handed weapon to pick, Swords have a clear advantage since they attack the fastest and can therefore produce more results if the weapon is enchanted.

2 Two-Handed

The best pairing with Light Armor has to be Two-Handed weapons, which have the highest damage output among all the weapons per attack. Couple that with the Stamina bonus from Light Armor and the Dragonborn will be swinging for days like John Henry.

As for which Two-Handed weapon class to commit to, that’s up to the players as all of them do roughly the same damage. Greatswords, however, have the advantage of being faster, making evasions easier and missed attacks less taxing.

1 Heavy Armor

Then again, one can’t go wrong by following up Two-Handed with Heavy Armor. It’s by far the best way to look like a capable fighter in Skyrim. When it comes to being protected and taking on multiple opponents frequently, Heavy Armor is better than Light Armor.

In addition to that, Heavy Armor also gives an anti-stagger bonus so players can keep attacking even as enemies interrupt them. With that kind of stability, Heavy Armor also pairs well with One-Handed weapons. Plus they’re the most stylish attire in Skyrim.

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