Skyrim: All Joinable Factions, Ranked From Worst To Best

From Riften to Solitude, Skyrim is rife with opportunities to make new friends and forge connections. Assassin’s guilds, armies, institutes of learning—the game has them all. As players make their way through the world, they must decide which factions will be most useful and best suit the character they’re roleplaying.

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Some of these guilds provide the Dragonborn with huge advantages, and have compelling storylines that immerse the player in the world. Others, meanwhile, feel bland and boring—or have core philosophies that just don’t sit right. Here’s a list of every faction the player can join, ranked from worst to best.

11 The Bards’ College

Skyrim’s Bards’ College storyline (if it can even be called a storyline) feels like wasted potential. A few errand quests here and there, a brief festival event, and that’s it. There’s none of the wild romp that players expected from this guild.

Even though the player is technically considered a bard, they gain no new skills to demonstrate this. Bard Dragonborns can’t play instruments, nor sing to a tavern. An entertainment-based Power would have been a great reward for the main Bards’ College quest; alas, none exists.

10 The Blades

Delphine and Esbern have noble goals, but they’re shortsighted and militant. Furthermore, fully joining the Blades requires killing Paarthunax, the wise, kind old dragon who leads the Greybeards. After “Season Unending,” Delphine will refuse any service to the Dragonborn until this deed is done.

Though she provides helpful guidance in the first few main quests, Delphine’s self-righteous attitude starts to grate on many players—especially when she demands Paarthunax’s death. Considering the Blades don’t do too much for the player anyway, most don’t consider this a worthy sacrfice.

9 The Greybeards

Even though killing Paarthunax leaves a bad taste in some players’ mouths, the Greybeards aren’t much better even if he’s left alive. They’re the opposite extreme from the Blades, refusing to take action even when they could save lives.

Remaining loyal to the Greybeards allows the Dragonborn to visit Paarthunax and meditate on Words of Power, making their shouts more powerful. However, they’re not a very interesting bunch. They don’t have quests or side stories associated with them like other factions do, making these old monks a bit dull.

8 The Stormcloaks

Though the Stormcloaks are fighting to preserve their way of life, they also have a nasty tendency towards racist nationalism. Some Stormcloak supporters simply want the freedom to worship Talos in peace. Others, however, want to see all non-Nords violently driven from their land.

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Joining the Stormcloak army may be an important roleplaying choice for some. However, the quests tend to be a bit dull: Go to a location, kill several enemies, repeat. It’s a good way to level up combat skills, but narratively underwhelming.

7 The Imperial Legion

There’s really no good side to pick in the Civil War. Though they claim to want unity, the Imperial Legion fights to stamp out religious freedom and Nordic traditions. As with the Stormcloak rebellion, some players may join the Legion as a roleplaying choice, but find themselves bored with the story.

The Legion doesn’t seem to realize that they’re nothing more than Thalmor puppets. Furthermore, just like fighting for the other side, the storyline isn’t particularly engaging. The quests are more or less the same between the two sides.

6 The Companions

The Companions guild is a good way to build combat skills as a low-level player, with more narrative interest than the Civil War. However, at higher levels, the large number of radiant quests become tedious and dull.

Beast Form is an interesting power, and for some players, joining this guild is worth the werewolf transformation alone. Despite this, the questline leaves something to be desired. The story had potential for emotional impact, but it felt a bit rushed, making it one of the weaker subplots in the game.

5 The Volkihar Clan

The Dawnguard DLC allows the player to pick sides in a war between mortals and vampires. If the Dragonborn sides with the latter, they join the Volkihar Clan, led by the abusive and overbearing Harkon.

Clan Volkihar’s members are kind of one-note. They’re all fairly bloodthirsty, believe they’re above others, and are bored with the politics of Harkon’s court (except those who want his throne). While playing through Dawnguard from a vampire’s point of view is fascinating, the Volkihar Clan often feels stifling and creepy.

4 The College of Winterhold

Most players wind up here in their hunt for an Elder Scroll, but get caught up in the story. With ancient artifacts, dragon priests, Thalmor spies, and a long-gone magical order, who could resist the intrigue?

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Furthermore, the College is an incredible resource for mages. Not only is it home to powerful followers and trainers, it also possesses a multitude of tools. The Atronach Forge, the Arcaneum’s library, and the items in the Arch-Mage’s quarters turn the Dragonborn into an incomparable wizard.

3 The Dawnguard

Though the Volkihar Clan’s storied history may hold some macabre appeal, the Dawnguard has plenty of its own intrigue in its past. In its present iteration, Isran may be a little intense, but he’s dedicated to protecting Skyrim and the whole of the world.

Furthermore, in addition to having powerful followers, this faction’s members are some of the game’s most delightful personalities. From Florentius’ casual chats with Arkay, to Gunmar’s brilliant idea to tame and outfit trolls, it’s hard to grow bored among the Dawnguard.

2 The Thieves’ Guild

For players who love to lurk in the shadows, there’s no better choice than the Thieves’ Guild. A code of honor among thieves governs these rogues, and the Dragonborn must use stealth and strength to rise through the ranks.

The questline surrounding the Guild is one of the most satisfying in the game. Betrayal, revenge, and redemption are its guiding themes, and its complex characters make for a powerful story. Its side quests remain interesting as well, as the player performs favors to build the Guild’s influence throughout Skyrim.

1  The Dark Brotherhood

Despite questionable morals, this brethren of assassins has always been a favorite faction among Skyrim players. Each quest requires the Dragonborn to employ different strategies, keeping the game interesting. Its characters are lovably odd, from a 200-year-old vampire child to grumpy old Festus.

The story is also the least predictable of the game’s subplots. Players experience multiple twists and finally reach a satisfying conclusion. Furthermore, of all guild questlines, the Dark Brotherhood has potentially the greatest impact on the world—and that’s always rewarding in an RPG.

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