Sims 4: The Best And Most Unique Restaurants On The Gallery

Starting a business like a restaurant or even visiting one in The Sims 4 was introduced with Dine Out, which remains one of the more popular game packs to this day. With how much variety players can have in their restaurants, almost any type and kind is possible with the right build.

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Building isn’t, however, something that everyone enjoys, and Build Mode can feel extremely overwhelming. Even with pre-made builds, many of them just lack substance and uniqueness. Luckily, some of the builds on the Gallery deliver more than most Simmers could ask for.

10 Underground Cave Restaurant

Who says restaurants have to be overground buildings? One Simmer had the ingenious idea of building a restaurant underground inside a rock formation, but making it into a basement. Imagine a romantic dinner within a fancy cave, lit up by candles and dim colored lights.

Hello Aplaca’s underground restaurant is exactly that, and is absolutely gorgeous both from inside and outside. It’s a whole experience for Sims to visit this place, the entrance to which is a magical rock formation with a pond and a romantic garden.

9 Bus Converted Into A Tiny Home Restaurant

It’s pretty difficult to make nice builds in the desert due to some style limitations, but it’s all about creativity. SpringSims for instance came up with a genius idea to create a restaurant and a tiny home made into an old bus.

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Not only is the aesthetic of this so in line with worlds like Strangerville and Oasis Springs, but it also looks absolutely adorable. There’s no better lot to start a family restaurant in than this one. The landscaping here really makes a big difference as well.

8 Pumpkin Patch And Restaurant

Simmers may have not received the farming expansion they dreamed of, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to bring in a bit of that rustic farm life into the game through dedicated builds. Cyberdoll’s Pumpkin Patch and Restaurant lot is definitely something that could have been seen on the cover of a farming expansion pack.

This red vintage barn has been turned into a romantic, rustic restaurant with cute pumpkin decorations and paper lanterns scattered here and there. While it looks great all year round, best results are guaranteed when spooky season hits during Harvestfest.

7 Underwater Restaurant

The ocean is a great inspiration, but it’s not the first to come to mind when thinking about restaurants. Simarchy, however, brings the ocean to life without even having to bring the restaurant underwater, with the power of incredible decorating and detail.

As soon as a Sim steps through the doors of this restaurant, it’s as if they’re swimming with the fishes and sitting on coral reef. For a perfect seafood restaurant, this is the most immersive and impressive build there is.

6 Hawthorne Bistro

One game pack that was forgotten almost as soon as it hit the market is Realm of Magic, and one of the reasons was its lack of content in Glimmerbrook. It’s among the smallest neighborhoods, but holds so much potential for gorgeous, magical builds.

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This Hawthorne Bistro restaurant by Chrissie captures the aesthetic of spellcasters in the game. An adorable little restaurant straight out of a medieval fantasy book, it’s the perfect addition to Glimmerbrook Simmers never knew they needed.

5 Lotus Hotel, Spa And Restaurant

Creating different shapes and sizes in the game when it comes to building can be extremely challenging. It requires knowing the Build Mode like one’s own pockets, and it’s pretty clear The Sim Stream does, having made this mind-blowing spa, hotel and restaurant.

While the build does survive multiple purposes, it was impossible not to include it here due to how unique and strange it looks. The place it shaped like a lotus flower, which seems almost impossible to do. And yet, this floating restaurant is exactly that, a floating place to relax, sleep and eat delicious food.

4 Penthouse Restaurant

Not many choose to open up a restaurant in penthouses, since it’s much cooler to have Sims live in these lots as well as in apartments, but it’s definitely a cool option worth exploring. It can make for some extremely fancy restaurants in the heart of San Myshuno, which mostly has bars, karaoke joints and night clubs.

S.Kathryn’s penthouse restaurant build is a fancy, industrial venue that could easily be visited by the coolest trendsetters in town. For some serious change in San Myshuno, which can get pretty stale as a city, definitely try this restaurant out.

3 Waterfront Restaurant

Sulani is another neighborhood that desperately needs a proper restaurant. With the architectural style of the world, it’s not too difficult to come up with some extremely cool ideas that would fit the aesthetic. Plus, with stilts, everything just looks better.

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Bidomaudo’s waterfront restaurant is all things Island Living, from having that classic Sulani look to being built slightly over water on stilts. At night time especially the venue looks simply gorgeous.

2 Street Bar And Grill

Great food spots come in all shapes and sizes, and one thing that seems to be severely missing in the game is delicious street food. Although it was introduced with food vendors in City Living, there’s still an extra mile that could have been gone if the Dine Out game pack featured food stands as small restaurants to manage.

In the meantime, this small food venue will do just fine, thanks to Marmelad’s creativity. Located at the beautiful docks of Brindleton Bay, it’s such a perfect spot for a street bar and grill, which will feed hungry Sims straight from the street.

1 Marina Restaurant And Bar

One thing that’s still missing from the game is vehicles. Cars, planes, helicopters and even boats seem to be in shortage. However, that just means builders can get even more creative with their builds by providing something players desperately want, such as a giant yacht.

Mr. Olkan decided to turn an entire lot into a pool of water, before plopping down a build that looks strikingly similar to a luxurious yacht. It might not make a tour around the river, but at least it has that maritime feel to it and doubles as a super fancy restaurant fit for almost any world.

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