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The Sims 4 boasts one of the best building systems in any simulation game, so it should be no surprise that the community has come up with some very unique lot designs over the years. Even without any expansions installed, people have designed builds weird and wonderful that stand out among the rest of the EA Gallery.

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There is an option in The Sims 4 to create custom content that anybody can install separately – some builds do require these assets to be installed to work correctly. Players should make sure to check the requirements for any build they download to make sure it is compatible with both their game version and custom content.

10 Club Las Vegas

Club Las Vegas is a finely-detailed build featuring vibrant colors outside and a roomy interior perfect for dancing. It’s sure to literally brighten up someone’s Sims 4 night-time experience, and its sloped roof adds a modern chic. Plus, the lights are rainbow-themed to complete the bumping nightclub vibe.

The build is under the Nightclub lot type and requires no custom assets to function properly. In-game, it costs around 289,414 Simoleons.

9 The Bazaar

The Bazaar is an intricate masterpiece of mansion-building in The Sims 4. There are many mansions in The Sims 4 – no-one can deny it’s fun to build an interactive dollhouse, after all. But some mansions shine above the rest, and The Bazaar’s three levels, beautiful architecture, and sprawling grounds certainly set it apart.

The Bazaar is under the Retail lot type, requires no community content, and is 40×30 in size. The high price of 309,941 Simoleons won’t get the Sims a bathroom, though!

8 Ancient Ruins Coffee Shop

The Ancient Ruins Coffee Shop is listed as a Generic lot type, but it’s anything but generic. The stone walls are carved just like ancient ruins, it features a comfy medieval-style interior, and it works as a retail space despite being a generic lot type.

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The Ancient Ruins Coffee Shop is small, coming in at 20×15 in size and a price of only 24,642 simoleons, making it an easy fit into any landscape.

7 Hikaru Assassins Castle

The Hikaru Assassins Castle, like The Bazaar, is a masterwork of a building in The Sims 4. It’s a castle based on historical Japanese castles and features a huge number of rooms, facilities, and even cherry blossoms around the grounds.

The Hikaru Assassins Castle comes in at 50×50 in size (one of the largest) and nearly half a million simoleons. It is a residential lot and requires no additional content.

6 Catdog’s Healing Practice

Catdog’s Healing Practice is a great example of retro design that serves a functional purpose. The Healing Practice is shaped like a dog laying down and a cat standing right behind it and is designated as a Vet Clinic lot type.

The build takes up a lot of space at 40×30, and the cat building certainly reaches a decent height. It comes in at 163,204 Simoleons and is made of only basic materials and structures.

5 The Wild West

The Wild West is an entire town built within the confines of a 50×50 square. The creator claims that each building actually functions correctly – there is a bar with a TV, a Church, a Barbershop, a gardening area at the Stables, and even a place to dance and swim at the mines.

The lot is designated as a Bar but can be repurposed for any playstyle. It does require the player to have a few Stuff Packs installed, and it costs 317,955 Simoleons to add to a Sims 4 world.

4 Serpent And Tower Archives

The Serpent and Tower Archives features not only a functional library but also a guardian sea serpent. The latter lays in wait outside, defending the knowledge contained within the tower. There is also a barbeque deck included with this build, a pirate playground, and a swimming area – the serpent won’t eat the Sims.

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This build comes in at 40×30 in size, is a Library lot type, just over a quarter million Simoleons in cost, and doesn’t require any additional content or Stuff packs.

3 SpOoKy FuN HoUsE

The SpOoKy FuN HoUsE is a two-story home perfectly furnished and ready for the mad scientist or ghoulish Sim playthrough. It features lab space, a fishing pond, a deadly secret garden, and spirits that roam the grounds…

The build is designated as a Residential lot type, is a whopping 50×50 in size, and costs 319,911 Simoleons. However, the SpOoKy FuN HoUsE does require the player have a few expansions installed, too.

2 Crypt Keeper’s Dwelling

Another spooky one from The Sims 4 Gallery is the Crypt Keeper’s Dwelling. This underground lair is hidden by three large mausoleums on the surface, the center of which serves as the main entrance. It’s a residential lot, but not one any normal Sim would like to spend the night in…

This build is only 30×20 in size but features an underground area as well as fully-detailed mausoleums. It costs just 182,430 Simoleons and requires a few Stuff packs to work properly.

1 Gnome Retreat

The Gnome Retreat is an adorable small home shaped like a mushroom with plenty of fungal and floral accents around the grounds to make a gnome feel at home. It only has a very small living space, so any Sims that decide to live in this retreat should get used to the tiny home lifestyle!

This build is a mere 47,428 Simoleons and only takes up a 20×20 space. It does require a few different packs but no community content.

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