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Building is one of the best features of The Sims 4, but not every Simmer wants to spend hours perfecting a house. Luckily, with a community as big as this one, there’s hundreds if not thousands of amazingly detailed builds to choose from, if pre-made builds aren’t enough..

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Island Living was the expansion to introduce life in a tropical environment, and with that came the many beach and waterfront houses fit for the wealthiest of Sim families. Here’s just a few of the incredibly mansions and luxurious villas that will look perfect in Sulani, all of which can be found on the Gallery as well.

10 Seaside Modern House

Starting off with a simple black and white design and a modern look, this seaside modern house built by Simplicia has everything a Sim could wish for. Despite its modern look, it blends in well with Sulani’s nature thanks to the immaculate landscaping.

The house has its own private gym, a bowling area, a spa and tons of outdoor patio areas for Sims to worship the sun. Best of all, this house doesn’t use any custom content, so if players have the needed packs, they can download this without a worry.

9 Private Island House

A luxurious beach house doesn’t have to have a modern look. It’s perfectly plausible to go for a more classic style, as shown here by Mr. Olkan in this pool and waterside home. The cool part is how the pool and actual water are barely separated.

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The white and light gray colors give this house a very cozy and clean appearance, without being too modern or sharp. It’s among the smaller houses on this list, but where it lacks in indoor space, it makes up for with its own private docks.

8 Dune Ultra Modern Beach Villa

Looking at the shapes of this house, it might look like a completely unnatural and impossible build to make in The Sims 4. However, The Sim Stream challenges the game itself by building something so modern and unique that it’s almost a miracle.

This uniquely shaped Dune house is a dream come true to those who want to live on the seaside and make a statement while they’re at it. It’s almost futuristic in appearance, and has that clean white style both inside and outside. Originally built in Brindleton Bay, it’s still a really nice beach home despite not being in Sulani.

7 Paradise Beach Mansion

For more white and black modern and minimalist homes, this paradise beach mansion by Kate Emerald is a dream come true with a front porch pool and very unique stone wall art to break up the monotony of white walls.

It’s also one of the few houses that combine a bit of traditional Sulani with modern days, including a garden path carving through tropical water and lush green gardens. With this house, Sims can show off their love for all things modern while also appreciating that classic island aesthetic.

6 Luxury Beach Mansion

Enough of modern, minimalist mansions for now. There’s a way to make organic, traditional and tropical building styles look luxurious as well. Jess Harts uses a combination of styles and aesthetic from Island Living and Jungle Adventure to bring forth something that’s much closer to nature.

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This colorful mansion fits well with the general style of Sulani, while still having an extremely lavish appearance. The bohemian styles are not usually well represented in the game, but this build combines all the colors and shapes from quirkier items to make something really extraordinary.

5 Modern Luxury Beach House

One of the best things Island Living introduced was building on stilts, and that allowed builders to actually place houses properly into water. In Sulani where the water is clear and gorgeous, building on stilts is especially cool, as showcased by Love Simply Sim’s intricate beach mansion.

The interesting part about this build is that shape-wise it has a very modern look, but the colors and furniture chosen for it are more organic and colorful. It goes to show it’s possible to create minimalism out of wooden textures and natural objects.

4 Beach Front Luxury

An amazing home in Sulani doesn’t have be giant in size to be a luxurious getaway. SimLicy’s beach front luxury home goes for a more traditional house shape, but still shines as a small mansion. The straw roofing is something that’s generally rare or less used, but actually looks fantastic in this build.

The wooden, traditional and organic appearance of this mansion is what makes it so wonderful. It’s an ideal getaway spot for any bohemian Sims who crave for a life by the sea.

3 Luxury Beach House In Sulani

For a castle amid water, Silvia’s white and minimalist luxury beach house is the ideal pick. Not only is the house built on stilts and surrounded by water, it also makes use of pools and fountains to extend that waterfront all around it. The fountains especially are a nice touch.

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The inside is a mix of modern white minimalism and some vintage objects to vary the style. For a family gameplay, this is a great vacation getaway or even a permanent living environment.

2 Florida Beach Villa

It’s not just stilts that allow for amazing builds. This Florida inspired waterfront build with that classic white and black style is actually fully built on foundations, and only has a small wooden deck that’s built on stilts extending into the ocean.

The highlights of this creation by Sims Ornate are definitely the patio and all of its levels and details. The build makes use of both pools and fountains to bring as much water into the environment, on top of the surrounding beach. The patch of grass right by the sea is a particularly classy touch.

1 Perfect Tropical Beach Villa

For a more classic tropical villa style build, Rain’s airy Sulani villa is the way to go. The build mixes some clean white aesthetics as well as traditional, tropical themes. It’s a balanced build in terms of elegance and cozy, colorful tropical style.

This build might not be on stilts, but it’s a classic beach villa with a pool, ideal for a family that wants something special but isn’t too demanding.

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