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The world of World of Warcraft is vast, filled with secrets and exciting events that take even the most dedicated players years to discover, much less complete. Shadowlands introduced 5 new zones for players to explore – Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, Revendreth, and The Maw – each with their own hidden gems.

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Bastion is the ethereally beautiful afterlife for those who led a life in the pursuit of righteousness. It’s the first zone players must go through when starting their Shadowlands adventure, but that doesn’t mean the secrets are easy to find. Even if the player doesn’t choose to join the Kyrian Covenant, they can still go back and experience smaller things they missed while leveling up.

10 Silverwind Larion Mount

The Silverwind Larion Mount is a ground mount that can only be acquired through a specific series of tasks in Bastion. The player must reach max level, then collect all 50 Anima Crystal Shards located around the zone.

After this, the player must go to Forgelite Hephaesius just south of the Spires of Ascension and craft a Crystal Mallet of Heralds. The chest containing the Silverwind Larion Mount is located just north-west of the Sagehaven flight point.

9 The Hidden, And Unused, Caves

World of Warcraft has, in the past, added content long before it has any use in the game. For example, in the Legion expansion, a series of caves were added throughout the Broken Shore that didn’t seem to serve a purpose until later patches added content to fill those caves.

In Bastion, there is a cave located on a cliffside just south of Hero’s Rest that seems like it should do something. Perhaps it is tied to a future quest, or perhaps an undiscovered secret, but for now, it’s just an interesting anomaly in an otherwise orderly realm.

8 Uther the… Lightbringer?

To summarize one of the most epic character arcs in World of Warcraft succinctly, Uther the Lightbringer was Arthas’ mentor, was slain by his former student-turned-Lich King, and was deemed worthy of Bastion for his pursuit of Justice. However, during one of the first quests with the Forsworn, Uther makes a sudden appearance.

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It’s quick and players might not recognize Uther in his ascended form as he hopes to persuade an aspirant to his cause well before the events of the Kyrian covenant questline.

7 Flight School World Quests

Shadowlands introduced a litany of new world quests for players to experience at max level, some much more fun than others. In Bastion, players can take to the skies and attempt to reach Temple summit by jumping between clouds.

The player sprouts angelic wings for the world quest and typically is rewarded with reputation with The Ascended – even if the player is in a different covenant.

6 The Instruments of Bastion

Bastion is home to many unique rares, treasures, and equipment. It is also home to a series of musical instruments that provide buffs to the player and their party as well as a flavorful mood boost.

The player can only hold one instrument at a time, though, and each one has its strengths for different playstyles, such as healing, increasing damage, or reducing incoming damage – rares and treasures throughout Bastion are the primary places these instruments can be found.

5 The Purity Companion

Purity is a small fox-like battle pet that can only be unlocked by completing a secret objective in Bastion. The player must find the Gift of Vesiphone treasure, then ring the bells near the chest to initiate a special event.

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The player must then stand underneath the nearby waterfall to obtain the Proof of Purity buff. Only then can the player open this chest and find a new pet!

4 The Scroll of Aeons Toy

Ever wanted to take on the spectral form that so many souls in Bastion exhibit? Like many things in World of Warcraft, there’s a toy for that. To find this scroll the player must go to the Aspirant’s Crucible and look for nearby lootable Purians.

The player must find four Purians then place them in their appropriate nearby tribute bowls. After that, a trail of anima appears and leads the player to the toy’s location.

3 Flying in Bastion! (Kind of)

The Regurgitated Kyrian Wings are the best way to fly around the Shadowlands until flying mounts are eventually available, but mostly because they’re the only way to fly in the Shadowlands. This toy comes from the rare mob Wingflayer the Cruel, who only spawns for members of the Kyrian Covenant after a questline.

These wings can’t be used in combat, unfortunately, but they make getting to out-of-reach spots in the Shadowlands a bit more convenient.

2 The Sundancer Mount

Bastion is home to a race of unicorn-like creatures that roam all across the zone. The Sundancer is a rare mob that, when defeated, drops itself as a ground mount. There are two ways to get this mount: join the Kyrian Covenant, or hit up the Auction House.

The Kyrian Covenant gives the player a quest that upon completion drops the Skystrider Glider blueprints, necessary to ride this rare beast. Alternatively, the player can just buy one if they aren’t in the Kyrian Covenant.

1 Sojourner of Bastion Achievement

The Sojourner of Bastion achievement is one many players don’t realize they can get. Just because a player joined with Revendreth, Maldraxxus, or Ardenweald, they don’t lose access to the side quests available in each zone while leveling up.

Aiming to complete this achievement is a great way to go back and re-experience the zone if the player has spent a lot of time away. It’s one of the most gorgeous zones yet, and well worth a little more exploration.

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