Samurai Shodown Trailer Announces Cham Cham DLC Release Date

SNK just revealed when fans can play as the next fighter for Samurai Shodown, Cham Cham, as part of the Season 3 Fighter Pass with a new gameplay trailer.

The trailer shows off gameplay for Cham Cham, who is returning from the original Samurai Shodown 2 for the reboot. Her moveset consists of attacks with her giant boomerang, as well as her clawed hands and feet. She will arrive on March 16, which is the same day Samurai Shodown releases for the Xbox Series X/S.

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Cham Cham is the first of the Season 3 Fighter Pass characters, with the other one announced so far being guest character Hibiki Takane, who comes from another SNK fighting game by the name of The Last Blade 2. Hibiki still does not have a release date, but likely will release in the next few months. The other two fighters in the pass have yet to be confirmed.

Crossovers in SNK fighting games are a common occurrence. Samurai Shodown not only features characters from SNK’s other fighting games like Hibiki from The Last Blade 2, but from games from other publishers as well, like The Warden from Ubisoft’s For Honor and GongSun Li from popular Chinese MOBA Honor of Kings.

The crossovers go the other way too, as most notably SNK’s Terry Bogard from King of Fighters made it to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster. Director Masahiro Sakurai said at the time that he has always been a fan of SNK’s fighting games, and so wanted to pay respect to the Japanese fighting game masters with the addition of Terry as a DLC fighter for Smash.

Samurai Shodown is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and Switch.

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