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The hunt continues apace for details and confirmation regarding the development of the Nintendo Switch‘s rumored Pro model. Amateur sleuths have been picking away at whatever information they can find in order to glean any tidbits about specs, release window, or even just confirmation of its development. Surprisingly, an otherwise fairly mundane statement from Samsung earlier this year could prove a key piece of evidence in the search for info.

The search for Switch Pro details may seem a pipe dream to some, but it’s not without precedent. Previous consoles have enjoyed upgraded revamps later in their lifespan, notably the previous generation’s PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, and with the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, the Switch might need a way to keep up going forward. Even Nintendo itself has tinkered with its own consoles in the past, releasing several versions of its handheld consoles in the years following their release with redesigned layouts, brighter screens and, in the case of the New 3DS line, upgraded hardware.

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It’s the Switch’s screen, in fact, that’s the key to this latest rumor. Digging through a Samsung press release from January, observant fans can find a quote from Jeeho Baek, an executive at Samsung Display, showcasing the upcoming plans for the company’s OLED tech: “Moving forward, we intend to aggressively position Samsung OLED technology across promising market sectors that take us well beyond smartphones including the laptop and notebook IT, automotive, and gaming console segments.” Those last few words would appear to confirm the Bloomberg rumor that the Switch Pro will have a 7-inch OLED display, sparking discussion and excitement in the community.

If this does indeed point to a collaboration between Nintendo and Samsung on the Switch Pro, it’s certainly promising news for fans. OLED TVs offer delightfully sharp image quality, particularly with the 4K resolution that the Switch Pro is rumored to support, but naturally not everyone can afford the luxury of having one. Having their own portable OLED screen on a Switch Pro will no doubt be a big selling point for gamers who want crisp and appealing visuals on the go.

Of course, all of this still carries the caveat of being unconfirmed. Samsung’s stated intent to branch into “gaming console segments” matches up nicely with some of the rumors currently swirling about the Switch Pro, but it could just as easily refer to some other area of the video game market, such as its partnership with the Xbox Series X.

Fans will just have to play the waiting game, but fortunately they might not have to for too long. Nintendo’s own projected sales statistics seem to suggest that the Switch Pro will be released before the end of the year, but even if the launch window is set for early 2022, it appears that the wait will be worth it for the revamped hybrid console. In the meantime, they’ll have to settle for the steady drip of information that they’ve no doubt come to expect.

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