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Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game that quickly became a favorite amongst players. It has no meaning, no actual goal, and no right way to play. Players decide how they want to progress, and they decide on what the “rules” are. This makes it a highly popular game and a very fun multiplayer. Not to mention the beautiful scenery that accompanies every player.

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But regardless of the non-existent rules and the fact that there is no right or wrong in the game, there are some great tips that will help beginners settle in before the survival of the fittest can start. Mastering these few technics and tricks will make a huge difference in gameplay, and once a player gets a good head-start, almost nothing can stop them.

10 Choosing The Right Server

Starting from point 0 is a tip that isn’t even part of the game, but crucial nonetheless. Newcomers often choose a server that’s nearly full, for the excitement, but this will only make the game lag, and they’ll die very quickly thanks to the number of experienced players on the server.

A beginner-friendly, calmer server is one that isn’t crowded with competition, and players should have a nice “playground” to experiment with techniques and pace. After getting settled, they can go for the more crowded servers to really try themselves out and prove themselves to the competition.

9 Craft A Spear

The first thing players should do when spawning is craft a spear. A new player will almost immediately find themselves in a combat situation after spawning, so this should be the first thing they do no matter what. Before looking around, exploring, gathering, this should always be the first task they tend to.

Of course, players will want to upgrade, but a wooden spear is the cheapest, easiest and fastest tool a player can craft, and it can hold itself in those early combats. Remember, it’s a survival game, and it shows.

8 Create A Sleeping Bag

Just like in Minecraft, a cozy place to sleep is a safe place. This is another ASAP item, and players will thank themselves later for it. So the second thing to craft will be a handy-dandy sleeping bag. Players will most likely start building and farming in the deeper parts of the island, and the general respawn point is on the beach.

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So having a sleeping bag ready will save players from a lot of frustration when inevitably dying and respawning, having to make their way back to that perfect farming area. Cloth can be found by farming Hemp Fibers. These plants can be easily overlooked, so players have to keep an eye out at all times. They’ll need 30 cloth to make a sleeping bag, but these plants drop 10 cloth each, so it’s not at all difficult.

7 Hit The Right Spot

This is something unique in Rust, and players have to get used to it quickly if they want to survive. When gathering stone or wood, players will see a red X or sparkles, and hitting those will make the gathering quicker, and items will drop more resources.

This is something players have to learn fast, but because it’s so obvious, it’s not a problem for newcomers either. The number one thing is to always look for it, players shouldn’t forget, that X marks the spot.

6 Craft A Hatchet ASAP

Once players started gathering and crafting, and they have the much-needed sleeping bag, the next item to craft as quickly as possible is a hatchet. If a player has the opportunity to craft a hatchet before anything else mentioned above, they should definitely go for it.

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A hatchet is one of the most useful items in the entire game, so having on handy can be a literal lifesaver. Players will be dependent on their ability to craft various tools and objects quickly, and this versatile tool will help them do that faster. It’s amazing for gathering, and decent in combat also, so until a players’ first base is ready, they shouldn’t focus on other equipment.

5 Use Double Doors

After building the first base, players will think of ways to make it as protected as possible. Raids in Rust are the most common events, so resources and materials should be hidden well. For example, when getting into a fight with a very strong player, people often run and hide in their bases.

But if anything goes wrong, and they die, raiders will have an open door leading them right into the base. Instead, if players create an “airlock”, even if something goes wrong, there are two doors to get through. So whether someone dies on their doorstep, or someone somehow breaks in, it won’t be so easy for them and players still have a chance to protect their base.

4 Don’t Go Overboard With Farming

Just like in Minecraft, when players die, they drop everything that was on them. So once the first base is ready and there’s a place to gather resources, players should go back and forth instead of gathering as much as humanly possible, because death will not only be painful but frustrating as well.

This is a common mistake amongst newcomers, so people should set a goal for the necessary amount of resources, and shouldn’t fly too close to the sun. They can always go back later.

3 Know When To Cook

Cooking is one of the more meditative and relaxing tasks in the game, but players have to be very careful about the timing of it. This is a mistake most newcomers make, not thinking about what it means. Building a fire in the middle of the night is almost like a flare gun that lets other layers know about anyone’s location.

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The fire just screams “come raid me”, so players need to be very careful and cautious about the timing of lighting them. Before night falls players should always check the amount of food they have left, but if all else fails and they absolutely need to cook at night, they should go far away from the base. It’s better to advertise the location of the fire and a few pieces of meat than the entire base.

2 Don’t Go Overboard With Building

Another thing to keep at bay is the size and complexity of bases. In other survival and crafty games, players strive to have the biggest and best base in the entire world. To show off, and to feel right at home when entering the mansion. Rust is once again an exception. There are multiple reasons for keeping the base as humble as possible.

The first reason is that it asks for attention, which in this multiplayer game is not something players want. So they should avoid being flashy and huge, raiders love those. The next and more important reason for keeping it humble is the fact that houses decay. So when building a base players need to keep in mind, that structures don’t last forever, especially in Rust, so when designing and making the house, they should always keep in mind the amount of upkeep that demands.

1 Radiation Is A Thing In Rust – And It Will Kill You

Abandonment sites are great places to gather more valuable materials. Newcomers have the tendency to run into a fire when they see something shiny, but the number one rule in Rust is that if something can happen, it will happen. People will rob each other, houses decay, the world isn’t friendly.

Some abandoned buildings are radioactive, and this will kill any player that doesn’t have protective wear. So when a player sees an abandoned industrial site they should keep their ears open, and if they hear a weird crackling site, they need to turn around! This makes another golden rule: don’t get over-excited. Players should always be cautious no matter the amount of time spent in-game.

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