Rumor: Xbox Game Pass Could Be Adding Destroy All Humans

Xbox Game Pass has been getting a lot of new additions lately, from nearly every Bethesda Studios game to getting Outriders on day one. Now, from a new store listing, it looks like the recent remake of Destroy All Humans! could be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

The Destroy All Humans! remake was released last July for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Despite releasing to middling critical reception, the title reportedly exceeded publisher THQ Nordic’s sales expectations. The remake kept all of the game’s original humor and writing, a favorite aspect of fans, intact, and touched up the audio and visuals to be a smoother and more modern experience. Destroy All Humans! also included a mission that was cut from the game’s original release, titled “Lost Mission of Area 52.”

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Now, on the heels of a possible tease of a Destroy All Humans 2 remaster, a listing on the Microsoft Store has revealed that the original remaster is coming to PC. Brought to light by user WalkingCat on Twitter, who is well known for frequent and accurate Microsoft Store leaks, the listing is still up as of this writing despite saying that the game is not currently available. The listing does, however, list the release date as May 27.

While no mention of Xbox Game Pass on console or PC is mentioned in the Microsoft Store listing of the game, these sorts of leaks have indicated incoming Xbox Game Pass for PC game additions before. In support of this leak, the popular Xbox achievement tracking site TrueAchievements also picked up the achievement list for the game on PC recently, and others have noticed that the game was briefly listed under “Xbox Game Pass Deals” in the Xbox Dashboard Store back in February.

The game’s addition would not come as a surprise. THQ Nordic already has a handful of games on the service, including many of its bigger titles such as its Darksiders series and Wasteland 3. Bringing more of its titles to the platform would make sense, especially since it has recently released free skins for Destroy All Humans!, showing that it is still interested in the title. The move would also make sense if the rumors of a Destroy All Humans 2 remake come to fruition, as having the first game on Xbox Game Pass would serve as a great opportunity to grow the fanbase. Although little of this is confirmed, the possible release date in May hopefully indicates that it will not be long until fans get official information.

Destroy All Humans! is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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Source: TrueAchievements, Twitter