Rumor: Death Stranding Receiving Extended Edition on PS4 and PS5

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding might not be everyone’s favorite game, but it hit the spot for some fans of Kojima’s other work. Despite very mixed reviews, many fans are still excited at the possibility of future content.

Kojima has been teasing Death Stranding DLC for a while now, but so far, nothing’s been forthcoming. However, online rumors suggest that more content may be on the horizon in the form of a PS4 and PS5 extended edition.

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This alleged leak comes from a post on the gaming forum ResetEra. The leaker is a user known as Navtra, a source whose leaks have been reliable in the past. They commented on a PlayStation thread by saying, “If you’re interested in Death Stranding but haven’t played it yet, it might be worth it to wait a lil bit.” They later clarified that they were talking about a PS4 and PS5 extended edition for Death Stranding. Navtra also dropped hints that the extended edition would feature new story content. They also said it would most likely be paid content, rather than a free update for existing players. Perhaps Kojima plans to reintroduce some cut concepts to Death Stranding.

Navtra didn’t go into any more detail than that, leaving fans to speculate about what Kojima may have in store. They did chime in again later, though, talking about a possible PS5 patch for The Last of Us Part 2. While they seem a little less sure about it, Navtra claims that was the plan at one point. They don’t claim to know when or if Naughty Dog will release the patch, but still believe it is very likely.

Now, anyone can post whatever they want on an anonymous online forum. Still, Navtra is a more credible source than most. They have a reputation for reliability among ResetEra users, with one commenter saying that Navtra correctly predicted game lineup for the PS5 reveal. They also knew in advance about Final Fantasy 16 being a timed PlayStation exclusive. This points to the possibility that Navtra may be a Sony employee with access to confidential information.

Of course, neither Sony, Kojima Productions, nor Naughty Dog has confirmed any of Navtra’s claims. While this alleged insider may have been reliable in the past, these are still little more than rumors. However, there is nothing particularly unlikely about any of Navtras’ claims. Major releases like Death Stranding often leave plenty on the cutting room floor, making an expanded edition a logical step for Kojima. Meanwhile, The Last of Us Part 2 would not be the only game to receive a PS5 update.

Ultimately, it’s hard to say how much trust fans should put in Navtra’s claims. For now, though, Death Stranding’s fans on PlayStation have reason to hope for more content in the future.

Death Stranding is available for PC and PS4.

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Source: Navtra on ResetEra