Rogue Legacy 2 – Arcane Hallows Update Adds New Biome, New Classes and More

Rogue Legacy 2 Arcane Hallows

Cellar Door Games has released its second big update for Rogue Legacy 2, adding a new biome, the Stygian Study, and two new classes, Gunslinger and Assassin. With this update, the developer has confirmed that overall content in the sequel has surpassed the first game (barring New Game+ aspects) and there’s more to come. Check out the video below to see the new content in action.

The Stygian Study is described as the “beating heart of the kingdom” and focused on research. It can be explored at any time during one’s journey. As for the new classes, Gunslinger is about shooting down foes with bullets while Assassin is a glass cannon that can also cloak. Other new additions include the return of the Architect who lets you replay a previous world and attempt to clear previous challenges. Of course, this becomes more expensive with each attempt.

Curio Shoppes have also been added and are encountered randomly. These allow for swapping weapons, spells and talents, though they’re described as “hugely experimental” and may be available for a limited time. If all of this wasn’t enough, the difficulty has also been rebalanced slightly especially with stuff like Heirloom Challenges. Check out the full patch notes here for more details.


  • Added Vsync toggle to options.
  • Community: Added Set Primary Display to options.
  • Community: Added PS4 and Nintendo Switch icons. Controller icons can be changed in the settings.
  • Community: Added ability to retire a player from a run. Retiring is available in the pause menu.
  • Community: Added option to disable cursor lock to window in Graphics Settings.
  • Community: Added ability to disable pressing Down + Jump to execute a spinkick in the game options.
  • Community: Rune Ore, Equipment Ore, and Soul resources are now tracked and displayed on the death re-enactment screen.
  • Added the final Golden Door.
  • Player can now always dash while grounded.
  • Overall enemy health and strength scale slower.
  • Lamech and Skeleton Bosses HP and damage lowered.
  • Bonus health stats have been awarded to all classes to help with the early and mid-game.
  • Added Armor Break status effect. Enemies take X% more weapon damage.
  • Added Magic Break status effect. Enemies take X% more spell damage.