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Roblox allows gamers to create and upload – or download and play – video games from a diverse portfolio of user-generated content. There are 150 million monthly Roblox users, and the many horror fans among them wonder where to find the platform’s best scary games of 2021.

There is no shortage of horror and thriller games for Roblox, but with an overabundance of choice, some players may appreciate some suggestions. The following five games are the best in terms of gameplay, ambiance, and fun.

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This popular game by DarkHouseRBLX sees a private investigator looking into a brutal, vehicular murder. Up to 20 players can join forces to solve puzzles and collect clues, while surviving paranormal experiences in a frightening, claustrophobic setting. For a more immersive experience, players should put on a headset, and know how to improve Roblox frame rate.

Play as Slenderman, one of his Proxies, or as a Citizen in this horror game created by Kinnis97 and inspired by the internet-born, modern myth of the Slender Man. Citizens must find eight well-hidden pages, turn on three generators, and kill Slender, while being stalked by him and his Proxies. Slender has a small arsenal of tactics at his disposal, and Proxies have abilities that can either harm the Citizens, or help their master.

This ten-player survival game places one gamer in the paws of Bear, who must hunt down and kill the others in less than five minutes. Bear is faster than the survivors, but survivors can find weapons, and have a limited sprint ability for quick escapes. The atmosphere that creator Cheedaman has designed is dark and foreboding, and supplemented by a sinister soundtrack.

“Roses” is a creepy game that has less than 2,300 downvotes out of the more than 40,000 votes it has received – a 95% approval rating. Players must investigate a creepy asylum from the 1940s after their friend Max never returned from shooting film footage. While there are currently only three chapters, totaling around 25 minutes of gameplay, Clockwork Entertainment promises more chapters will be released.

Inspired by the eponymous 2007 film, “Dead Silence,” from DoomX10, has players uncovering the mystery of Mary Shaw, either alone, or with up to three teammates. After anonymously receiving a ventriloquist doll, a young girl is found dead, her tongue cut out. Players must complete challenges, survive jump scares, and solve the murder of their friend in order to be successful in this tense, first-person thriller.

Of the many horror games available to players, these five consistently provide a tense, yet fun experience, whether alone or with a party. It should be noted that the latest Roblox update improved the Big Paintball mode, which may be useful for players who need a break from the tension.

Roblox is available now for Mac, Mobile, PC, and Xbox One.

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