Riot Games Hires Former Hulu Executive for Global Communications Team

Riot Games, best known for League of Legends, has acquired a new senior vice president of its global communications team. Gaude Lydia Paez, a former Hulu executive, is now tasked with overseeing Riot Game’s communication, social responsibility, and global government-affairs efforts.

For Riot Games, Paez reports directly to Riot Games President Dylan Jadeja regarding all matters of entertainment and global media issues. Jadeja commented on the matter, saying Paez has proved to be a highly qualified public affair executive with a unique combination of skills in storytelling prowess, crisis management, and global business problems experience.

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Jadeja goes into more detail about the reasoning for her selection by saying that Paez does not only bring an extreme amount of expertise but a down to earth and approachable element as well. And according to Jadeja, Paez is thought to completely align with Riot Game’s player-focused values, making her a great fit for the team.

Paez is entering Riot Games during a huge expansion within the company. Currently, Riot Games is working alongside Spotify for a League of Legends audio service provider sponsorship. With the goal to expand the League of Legend fanbase popularity to streamer audience’s everywhere for esports. This is the first global paid sponsorship for Spotify, and with this deal, Spotify will be the global hub for official League of Legends music, podcasts, esport news, and official playlists.

Paez’s prior work for Hulu consisted of a senior vice president position in command of company communications for about five years with Hulu. Paez was in charge of leading the “video-on-demand” division, which saw a growth in total users from 11 million to 38 million subscribers while Paez was in charge. Also, Paez’s work was vital to bring Hulu’s live TV service “Hulu Plus Live TV” to the general public. Before that, Paez had experience working with other companies such as Fox Broadcasting Company, Yahoo! Inc, and San Diego based Internet and TV company Veho Networks.

Hopefully, Paez will continue to bring a high level of work ethic that she gave to Hulu for Riot Games. With the recently updated cases against Riot Games, it is about time for management to shift in a more friendly and welcoming direction within the company. Surely, Gaude Lydia Paez’s work for Riot Games will not go unappreciated, and she will continue to build a name for herself within the video game and entertainment industries as a whole.

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Source: Variety