Returnal Trailer Features Fast-Paced Combat, Grotesque Foes


Housemarque’s Returnal made an appearance at the recent Future Games Show. Marketing director and biz dev Mikael Haveri talked over a new trailer, which featured a mix of old and new gameplay, and provided a quick summary of what to expect. Check it out below.

As Haveri describes it, Returnal’s combat is quick, incentivizing dashing and jumping to overcome foes. Though protagonist Selene starts with a sidearm, she’ll quickly unlock new weapons. There are 10 base weapons to choose from with 90 Weapon Traits that can heavily alter their behavior. You’ll need all the help you can get against Atropos’ tentacled denizens.

Various narrative events will also unfold over the course of the game and provide insight to Selene’s past. Even after successfully running through all the biomes, you may want to return to search for audio logs and secrets. Returnal is currently slated to release on April 30th and has recently gone gold. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.