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Arcade throwback game RetroMania Wrestling finally has a release date for the Xbox One. The game is already available on PC, but due to issues during the certification process, RetroMania Wrestling‘s console launch was delayed last month. At that time developer Retrosoft Studios said that the console delay would probably be no more than two weeks, and though it has been longer than two weeks since then, fans at least have a specified date to look forward to.

RetroMania Wrestling is the modern sequel to the 1991 arcade game hit WWF Wrestlefest. The game sports a classic 2D arcade look and feels like an enhanced arcade experience with local multiplayer for up to 8 players. RetroMania Wrestling gameplay features several different arenas and match styles for players to choose from and includes a roster of 16 wrestlers from the past, with notable figures like Tommy Dreamer and The Road Warriors.

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RetroMania Wrestling will release for Xbox One on March 23, which is less than a week away. Retrosoft Studios’ last developer update on RetroMania Wrestling detailed the process the company had to go through in order to properly certify the game for the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One, and it seems like the Xbox One version has now been cleared for release. The game is also slated to be released for PlayStation consoles, but there hasn’t been word from the developer concerning progress on that front.

Retrosoft Studios does say in its Xbox One release announcement tweet that there will be “great news for Switch owners” soon, which seems to indicate that the Switch version will be next up for release. Gamers who aren’t already anticipating the release of RetroMania Wrestling should know that the game has received plenty of positive reviews on Steam, though players note that there is a learning curve to the grappling controls.

For fans wondering if RetroMania Wrestling will get a physical release, simply check out the game’s website. A physical release is in the works right now from Limited Run Games, and players who already pre-ordered the game will get a $5.00 coupon code to put toward purchasing the physical release.

RetroMania Wrestling is out now on PC and will launch for Xbox One on March 23, with versions for Switch and PS4 coming soon.

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