Respawn Considering Apex Legends Loss Forgiveness Due to Hacking Issues

Apex Legends has had its fair share of cheating trouble in recent months, but the overall issue has persisted in the battle royale for some time. Unfortunately, while Respawn bans Apex Legends cheaters regularly, more and more players who use exploits or DDoS attacks continue to pop up and cause problems for other players.

However, there may be some hope in the future for players who have had their games ruined by cheaters in their lobbies. In a recent Respawn Responds video surrounding Apex Legends, Respawn’s design director, Jason McCord, alluded to adding some sort of lose forgiveness system to the battle royale to help players who have lost valuable RP after playing against cheaters.

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The video that tackles this issue can be found on Respawn Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. The early parts of the video deal with Respawn’s ongoing effort to block cheaters out of Apex, with McCord initially saying he was much more optimistic on keeping the game cheater-free throughout its life through the foundation of anti-cheat plans and teams helping behind the scenes. Sadly, McCord was swiftly informed by members of that team that this would be a “war of attrition forever,” essentially meaning that cheaters will always find some way to disrupt online games. Still, McCord then pivots into what the team is looking into for the future of Apex Legends, including helping players who have been impacted by cheaters during matches.

While McCord avoids sharing specific details of Respawn’s plans, he does mention that this system “might look something like retroactive loss forgiveness.” For players who may not recognize the term, loss forgiveness is usually a system where any loss of points will be returned back to player in the case of game disruption due to factors like connection interruptions or cheater interference. Naturally, this would be incredibly helpful for Apex Legends‘ ranked mode, where players must build up RP to advance through the various ranks. While McCord notes that it is a small change, he hopes a system like that could prove to be meaningful if implemented.

McCord then goes over another feature that Respawn is currently looking into, being a way to notify players who have reported cheaters in Apex Legends that those players were eventually banned. McCord states that this will help to reaffirm players that reporting cheaters in-game actually does have an effect. Additionally, McCord says that the team is looking into enforcement for players who have been boosted via cheating. While Respawn can already check these statistics for themselves, it apparently requires a lot of manual tracking that can benefit by being further streamlined.

All in all, the earliest Respawn Responds videos on Respawn’s channel have been quite insightful. Especially for those players very invested in Apex Legends and its community, the team will no doubt offer some valuable behind the scenes insight in the future. Hopefully, Respawn irons out a potential loss forgiveness system in the future to help players who’ve been affected by cheating.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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