Remnant From The Ashes: Everything You Need To Know About The Subject 2923 DLC

Remnant: From The Ashes faced complaints about their procedurally generated levels lacking a personal touch, boss enemies following similar patterns, and levels that felt too much like the ones that came before. The Subject 2923 DLC attempts to address some of these complaints and actually succeeds at it in some places.

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The DLC features a few new biomes, loads of weapons, and 2 new armor sets that are useful for certain builds. Apart from that, the enemies included are a lot more unique and have interesting move sets that help them stand out amongst the bland enemies of Remnant: From The Ashes.

With the new DLC, there’re 2 new zones for players to explore. The first zone is a section of Earth. There’s a rural area that gives off spooky ghost town vibes, and a military base called Ward-Prime. The rural area is a nice new touch that contrasts itself against the more urban areas of Remnant that players get to know all too well.

The other zone is a snow biome called Reisum. Reisum is full of lore and beautiful landscapes that hold multiple races of rodent-people. The inclusion of a completely new type of area is one of the most enticing parts of this DLC since it looks great. It’s still all procedurally generated so some areas feel copy and pasted, but at least there’s a new coat of paint.

Along with the new areas, The Subject 2923 DLC adds a new damage type and ailment called frostbite and frozen. Frostbite damage has the potential to freeze enemies and players which reduces their movement speed and stamina regeneration. It’s a standard elemental effect but can cause huge pains during certain battles since a lot of enemies in Reisum are extremely mobile. The frozen ailment can be cured with a Spiceroot but it also goes away on its own after some time.

For Remnant players, the biggest attraction is usually weapons and equipment that fans can use to diversify their gameplay from others. This DLC expansion is made for that purpose. Subject 2923 comes with over 40 trinkets which is more than the base game had before any DLC.

Along with new trinkets, there’re mods for players to explore and experiment with that could change the way the game is played. These new mods include the Fan Of Knives which apply bleed damage to enemies from a distance and can hit multiple targets at once. There’s also the Incinerator mod that has a ridiculously high chance to burn enemies, inflicting damage over time.

In regards to weapons to look out for, the Alternator is a big gun that players should look out for. It’s an automatic rifle with surprisingly high accuracy that deals frost damage with cryogenic bullets. For certain builds, this weapon is a must-have and it’s easy to use as well.

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Other notable weapons include the automatic pistol which has an above-average fire rate and the brass knuckles. The brass knuckles have brought tons of new possibilities to unarmed builds. When combined with some other new trinkets from the DLC, unarmed builds now can kill certain bosses in just a few hits, which is wild to believe. Players now have so many more options to express themselves in combat which is always appreciated.

Possibly the most exciting thing this DLC brings aside from the new trinkets is the new armor sets. They’re so creative and fun that some players will definitely have to give them a shot. The Warlord set makes it impossible to heal with Dragon Hearts. Instead, players will have a buff that regenerates their life with the damage they deal to enemies. This changes the way the game is played entirely and is worth trying out.

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Another set to try out is the Scavenger set. This armor gives players an offensive boost whenever they pick up iron or scrap metal. Iron and scrap metal are found everywhere, especially during horde bosses so this armor has its spots in certain fights.

Along with all the new items to find and enemies to slay, The Subject 2923 update will also update the adventure, hardcore, and survival modes. The modes will now include areas from Resium and Ward Prime, as well as some updates to other levels.

Old armor sets and weapons also receive changes to their balance to do more damage or adjust for any shifts in the game from the new patch. The changes are all listed in the patch notes, but they’re so long, it might be better to look and see what specific items players use first, and then reference their old stats against the new ones.

To start the Subject 2923 DLC, players have to visit their home base and choose reroll campaign. After the campaign has been reset, they have to select the Subject 2923 campaign and it’s as easy as that. Doing so will change the campaign data so be careful to have either backed up other campaigns or finished them.

Players can also access the areas in adventure and survival mode for the procedurally generated levels and challenges. Those areas can be accessed from the main menu or the red crystal at the home base.

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